Thursday, December 01, 2011


When Cliff and I head out on our daily walk and look over our shoulders, we have stalkers following us.  Iris, our dog, loves it when we go for a walk, but once we're through the gate, she disappears.  (Click on any picture to make it larger.)

Not these stalker cats!

Oh no, never.  Here they are coming up our most difficult hill.  They go all the way to the bottom with us, then turn around and follow us up.

Wouldn't you think they'd get tired?  Our walk usually lasts thirty-five or forty minutes.

They're still with us, even as we start the final leg of our journey.  After the pond, there isn't far to go.

Right to the last hill, they stalk us.  And when we get back to the house?

They stalk us still.

Later on as I head down the driveway to the mailbox, I look over my shoulder to see unashamed stalkers.

They even stalk Iris.  Oh, the indignity!  Her face tells the tale.


  1. Not so much stalking as watching for signs of weakness.

  2. That cute about all your stalkers. I could see a dog going that far but not 3 cats LOL. Helen

  3. How adorable they are. That kind of stalker is quite a bonus. I've never seen cats follow like that. Glad you are still getting out for your daily walks. I've not done well at all in that respect.

  4. Oh, I love this, especially Iris' face! Our old cat always follows me down to the mailbox and back, but it's not that far. :)

  5. That picture of Iris with your little stalkers in the background is PRICELESS. Her expression shows all the angst she feels and those little kitties are saying, "What the walk is over?" LOVE it.

  6. When we lived in Mexico, my husband and I would walk down the beach every morning. Of course the dogs came along, but our lone cat "Bawl Baby" would follow at a safe distance, bawling and complaining all the time! He never missed a walk ~ no matter the distance. We usually walked 3 miles each way. Your story and the picture reminded me of a wonderful time in my life. Blessings, Penny

  7. Those are my kind of cats!


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