Saturday, July 30, 2011

Here's what it's like watching Cliff work on a tractor

Cliff bought yet another Oliver tractor today.  It looks pretty much like junk, but it runs just fine.  My husband loves a challenge, and he's already on it.  It was really cheap, and he'll no doubt make money on it later on when he sells it.  

As I watch this slideshow, it reminds me of a skilled surgeon at work.  What Cliff is trying to do here is get the choke cable out where he can work on it.  If you watch to the end, you will see him triumphantly displaying said choke cable.  Victory is sweet.  He told me it would have been easier if he had removed the carburetor first.  
"So why didn't you remove the carburetor?" I asked.
"I didn't want to." 
OK, whatever.
So many tractors, so little time.



Glad Cliff found the choke cable. He probably didn't remove the carburetor because it would have made it more complicated than it was. I've seen my husband fix old cars and you're right it's like watching a skilled surgeon at work. Beautiful analogy.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess Cliff is settling into retirement just fine. It seems he is doing what he loves most. I glad he found a tractor to work on. At least the work he is doing now is of his own choosing and close to home too. He can pick and choose his hours and take breaks when he wants.

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JustRex said...

That thing looks like it's painted camouflage, like an army vehicle. He could go with that theme and call it an "Urban Agricultural Vehicle" and sell it on Ebay for a mint.

Helen said...

He wouldn't know what to do without a tractor to tinker on. Helen

Lindie said...

It's great to have an interest lke that after you retire. Keeps your body active and your mind also.