Saturday, July 02, 2011

Evil squashbugs

Oh yes, just as my zucchini started to yield, I started finding squash-bug eggs on some of the leaves of the plants, and I even found a couple of the bugs themselves.  I tear off the part of the leaves with eggs on it and attempt to kill the adult bugs (usually I fail at that because they're so fast, and they blend in with the dirt).  Then I spray with Malathion.  Last year I won the war; who knows what will happen this year.  
I cleaned and filled the hummingbird feeders this morning.  In this hot weather, it seems like they go bad very quickly.  Then I dumped the water out of Jody's water tub because it was starting to turn green.  I use a brush and bleach and scrub the sides and bottom of the tub because if you don't, the green is back the next day.  She seemed very glad to taste some cool, fresh water, and stood there a long time taking sip after sip.  
Cliff is already changing his sleeping pattern.  Last night he went to bed right after I did, and when I got out of bed at 5 A.M., he said, "You may as well make enough coffee for both of us."  
I like having our sleep cycles the same.  For one thing, if I ever get back to walking with Cliff, we'll get it done before the heat of the day.  Since my knee swelled up so much last week, I'm afraid to push the walking again.  While Cliff and Iris walk, I do my therapy exercises and put in ten minutes on the exercise bike.  That will have to do, for now.


Margaret said...

Nice to have a retired husband! What is a squash bug? It sounds like you are keeping active, but not pushing the knee. That seems like a perfect course of action.


Hope your zucchini isn't damaged by the squash bug. What a nuisance. Glad Jody got some fresh water. My cats love it when I change their water dish. Sounds like you and your hubby are adapting to retirement. The new routine will be good for both of you. But remember not to OVERDUE the exercise on that knee. It's got to stop swelling to go back to normal.