Thursday, March 28, 2013

Those same horses

You know, those demon-possessed horses that were afraid to leave their pen yesterday?  Heading out for a walk this morning, I noticed Sassy standing by the gate and decided to give the horses another chance to run free. 

They strolled calmly to the grass and began grazing with not a care in the world.  Yes friends and neighbors, horses DO have mood swings.  

Adam, whose horses live in my pasture

I gotta turn that time stamp off.  It's twelve hours behind, and besides, I don't want that on all my pictures.  These pictures aren't the best quality, because it wasn't fully light yet.  
That's Jenny and Jody in the picture.  Because Jenny runs with her mom all day, she isn't exactly a pet. Of course I put her in a stall at night so I can milk enough to fill the bottle for Penny, who you can see in the background.  You can also see the moon just above the barn there, but I digress.  
Jenny is a Jersey, and will likely grow up to be somebody's milk cow, maybe mine.  That means she needs to get over her fear of humans.  After twelve hours away from her mother, she is focused on making up for lost time and sucking for all she is worth.  So lately I have taken the time to rub her and pet her and hug her while she's nursing.  I don't know whether this will get the job done or not, but it can't hurt.  

Bonnie's heifer calf, Crystal, is somewhat scared of people also, but she will never have to be milked, so it doesn't matter.  I will sell her at weaning or else we will have some baby beef.  She really would make a wonderful mother cow for someone, but if I can't get a decent price for her, we'll eat her.  We are rather hooked on baby beef.



I guess all creatures big and small have mood swings, don't they?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The horses do look content there. Those babies would be lovable. As always on a farm you are planning ahead. You get the best both ways.