Monday, March 11, 2013

Don't cry over spilt milk

As it turned out, I did not have to buy milk at the store, because I was able to get Jody cleaned up so I could milk her Saturday morning.  Since we had company Saturday and Sunday, we went through that gallon, so I put the calf in the stall yesterday afternoon with plans to milk the cow this morning.  Jody has been behaving nicely for me, but I still put the kicker on her just to be safe.  I almost had a gallon of clean, pure milk from the two teats on her right side and decided to go ahead and let the calf in so she could be getting her milk from the other side as I milked.  The calf butted the cow's udder in her enthusiasm and Jody kicked the leg on MY side. With the kicker on, she can't kick high enough to get me, but she tossed a big old hunk of whatever filth was on her hoof into my nice, clean milk.  I poured it out in the barn lot, except for a little I gave the cats.  Remind me not to let the calf in next time until I'm done milking.
We can live a day without milk, especially since I still have some cream I had taken off the last milk.  I normally don't use cream on our oatmeal because of the cholesterol and fat, but today we'll have a treat.  

Speaking of cream, the next-door sister-in-law is always wanting home-made ice cream and I don't make it because it's too much temptation.  Saturday night I decided to make some in my little bitty electric ice-cream freezer.  It doesn't make much, so Cliff and I opted out, and so did Charlene, the St. Louis sister.   But her husband and Rena sat side-by-side on the couch and ate ice cream right from the freezer.

Pictures taken with my Ipad aren't always the best quality, but you get the idea.

When Charlene and Pat are here, I try to fix some kind of food that is easily reheated.  They like to spend time with Pat's parents and I try not to put them on a schedule where they have to arrive here at a certain mealtime.  This weekend we had chili.  I made breakfast casserole yesterday, which serves four.  Then grandchildren started showing up, so I made pancakes.  My oldest granddaughter begs me for pancakes all the time.  I keep telling her, "Pancakes are the easiest thing in the world to make; what's the big deal?"  
She says nobody makes pancakes as good as mine.  Whatever.  I make them from scratch, so there's no need to keep pancake mix around and I can make them at a moment's notice.  

I like Rachel's hair the way it looks now.  

And I like having good conversation with family members I love.  It was an enjoyable weekend.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've spilt milk in my day but never they way it happened to you. Cream on your cereal would be a treat as I rarely ever have it here any more. And homemade ice cream is always wonderful. Glad you had a great weekend with family. Those good times can't be beat.

talktograms said...

Sounds like a good time with the family!


It's a shame about your cow's milk getting ruined by the calf. I rarely drink it here, but my hubby goes crazy if he doesn't get his daily dose. I haven't had ice cream in forever. That looked so good. How could you resist temptation, knocking at the door?

Margaret said...

At least you had the cream! I think the details of life with cows is interesting; my husband grew up with both beef and dairy cows and did a lot of milking, since he was the youngest,. :) Having a great day chatting with family is the best.

Lori said...

That's a cozy family photo. Looks like everyone was relaxed and enjoying the visit.

CountryDew said...

I love that last photo. Such a happy gathering.

Nicole said...

Homemade pancakes are the absolute best! Waaaaaayyyy better than the mix stuff :).