Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sometimes I change my mind (Name this calf)

I should be selling cows, since Adam's two new horses arrive the first of next month.  I certainly should not be buying anything.  But when I see that my favorite calf-buyers have babies for sale I lose all common sense.  Cliff doesn't even argue any more.  I said, "I want one of those babies," and he said, "I'll call Tony and see if we can borrow his pickup."  
"It's a shame," I told him, "that we have to borrow a vehicle to transport a tiny little calf.  I wonder if we could put a calf hutch on the flat-bed trailer, secure it, and use that to haul a calf?"  
"Well, we'll see," he answered, and proceeded to spend most of yesterday building a new, clean pen for a new, clean calf.  I used quite a bit of elbow grease cleaning and sanitizing the two hutches, which were a mess because all the calves used them for shelter during our blizzards.  Lots of poop on the walls.  Anyhow, we got our trailer rigged, and it worked great.

Pretty fancy huh?

It worked great.

She rode in style and comfort.

She's a small calf, so Cliff had no problem carrying her from the trailer to her pen, where she is now comfortable in her hutch.  Baby calves feel safe when they are enclosed.  

I am taking name suggestions for this little girl.  I'll let my readers suggest names, and later on I'll have you help me pick finalists.  Then we'll have the final vote.  I get lots of comments on Facebook, and that's fine if you want to leave your suggestion there.  If you don't have Facebook and are one of the several folks who are unable to comment here, feel free to email me.  My email address is on my profile.  


Hyperblogal said...

"Hailey Heifer"... Hailey means "from the hay meadow".

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's getting so I can hardly keep up with the names of all your calves. She sure is pretty with her big brown eyes. It'll be interesting to see what you name this one.

Celeste Sanders said...

Buttercream Mint

Melissa Wiggins said...

You are becoming the owner of a herd! Most impressive!!!! MGW

Jean said...

Molly! She' so cute.

Jean said...

Molly! She' so cute.

Lori said...


Sheila Y said...