Saturday, March 02, 2013

Even the critters have cabin fever

 My walking bath from the gate to the barn.  I have to go feed the cats, you know.

I can't get the outside door to the chicken house open.  In fact, I tried, and tore it off the hinges.  For now I am simply throwing chicken feed on the snow in their pen.  They seem to be satisfied with that.  

This is the path the cows use to get in the barn lot.

The calves have made a path to the hutches, where they can get out of the wind.  The manure in the hutches is plentiful, so we have some very dirty calves.

Ole' Whitey George isn't so white any more.

The nasty horse shed.  The horses don't mind much, since they sleep standing up.  When they aren't using it, the cows do.  Cows don't sleep standing up.  Nasty cows.  

The horses have stomped an area clear around the trailer, so that's where they spend most of their time.  

This is the very rough path the cows have made to the water.  I had difficulty maneuvering on it, and I'm sure they do too.  

Here you see two-week-old Jenny Longlegs on the path to the hay area.   

Jody is going to join the herd at the hay ring.  

Bleak picture, isn't it?  

The cows can't walk in this stiff any better than I can, so they only create paths where they have to go.  

I stay pretty close to the house, where I can get around safely.  

Little Jenny stays on the paths too.  


ingasmile said...

It's funny you would do a post about path's. I had to make them around here to for humans and animals. Our chickens free range but if there is snow on the ground they won't come out of the coop. So I had to shovel an area around the door and then a path to connect with other path's around our yard. All the humans and animals alike use the path. I guess man nor beast like to trudge around in deep snow!


Judy Dingus said...

Will this be a spring thaw, or just melting snow making more mud? Hang in there, spring is just around the corner!

Margaret said...

Brown snow, hmmm. ;) I would want it to go away RIGHT NOW. I only like it for a brief period of time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think you've got some smart cows there. Staying on the path is a good idea. Hope this winter ends soon for all our sakes. Winter seems longer to me this year than ever. It just keeps going on and on. Take good care and mind the paths.