Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Down twenty pounds

So why am I not jumping for joy?  I've lost over twenty percent of my body weight!  Hats and horns, people.  
But I am still wondering if I can stay the course.  I always gain the weight back.  I'm studying very hard to see if I can understand why I do this.  There is an entry in my old blog from 2005 where Cliff and I determine to get the weight off.  Click HERE to see it.  This was before his heart surgery, which took place the following June.  At the time of his surgery, we were both pretty trim.  Of course the heart bypass scared us, so we continued to eat the way we ought to.  At his eight-month followup appointment with the cardiologist, he was still losing weight (HERE).  The doctor and his nurse jokingly asked if I would come to work for them, because most patients pay no heed to diet or weight after heart surgery.   
Almost a year after the surgery, March 30, 2007, we were STILL maintaining our weight loss (HERE).    I believe we maintained it for another year, our longest stretch of maintaining our weights, two whole years.  Because we'd had a scare.  
All you have to do is type "weight lost" or "losing weight" or "pounds lost" in the search box at the upper left-hand corner of either of my blogs to see that I was setting out to lose weight in every single January except, I think, for 2012.  
The strange thing is, we don't diet!  We simply eat food that is better for us in proper proportions.  We have desserts often, in small servings and try not to eat out more than once a week.  It's SO easy!  
And then we slip.  We do have one advantage this time:  Cliff is retired.  Here's what used to happen:  They would have a dinner at work (frequently) and Cliff would partake of it.  I would pout because it's in MY hands to see that he loses or maintains his weight, and he was not cooperating.  Also, any time his female coworkers baked cookies, they brought some to Cliff because he loves to eat and is so appreciative.  One time he went to visit his Kansas brother for two days and came back five or six pounds heavier.  At times like these I would think of all the foods I wanted to eat but was doing without, while he was eating everything offered to him, and off we would go for pizza so I could have some of that good stuff too.    
Yes, I can be very childish.    
So with every pound Cliff and I lose, I am doing lots of soul-searching:  What choices can I make this time that will keep us on track?  
It's a jungle out there, folks!  We go to church and people are eating donuts and rolls when we walk in.  We go to the tractor club and some of the ladies always have fattening pies and cakes for people to eat at the end of the meeting.  In January I told Cliff I was going to send him by himself so I wouldn't get angry when I saw him eating cake, and he said he would rather I go along, and he will do without the desserts.    
Wish us luck.  Pray for us.  Send us good thoughts.  We need all the help we can get.


Becky said...

Temptation is everywhere. I bring little snack packs of nuts with me to places where I know they will serve foods I can't eat. Or if it's pot luck, I'm the one with the salad or big bowl of fruit to share so I know there is a choice for me. :) Every day is a new chance to eat right. If you mess up one day, just start fresh the next. Never think "Oh well, I've blown it. I give up." And as my nutritionist says - if you MUST cheat, remember the 3 bite rule. Just have 3 bites of that naughty thing and then push it away.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good food is always going to be around where there are people. It is going to take you a lot of self control not to eat what they have. Maybe the two of you could split a piece of pie or a donut. Sure hope you can continue to maintain your loss. I am for the most part still maintaing my weight although it is not what it should be. I think it really is due to home cooking and rarely eating out. It does make a difference.


Congrats on the loss. It is an accomplishment whatever else happens. I have started to put the weight back on here. Just a little but enough to make me pause when putting my new pants on. I am because I'm not out walking like I was. I'm scooting more again. WALKING is really good, I do know. maybe you should take another walk each day to help???

Lori said...

Congratulations on the 20 pounds lost, and I hope you can maintain. Sending good thoughts your way.

Margaret said...

Maintaining is the hardest part! You are realistic, self-aware and have a great attitude. I admire you very much!