Saturday, March 16, 2013

Calf names

I updated the list of names in the previous entry, adding later suggestions.  Originally I was going to figure out a way for you folks to choose the finalists, but that started getting complicated and sounded like I was going to have to do a lot more work than I want to.  So here's the plan:
I have chosen all the names that I can live with.  I call my cows by their names, and I would be uncomfortable using some of your suggestions (Moonica?  Please).  I rejected Grace because I already have a heifer by that name:  Remember six months ago when I bought George and Gracie?  I also rejected Angel, since Cliff's next-door sister has a mini-dachshund by that name and I don't want the dog coming every time I call my calf.  Yes, cows do learn to know their names.  Some of your name suggestions, although they might have worked for a dog or cat, just sounded too "cutesy" for a cow.  
On my sidebar are the names I accepted.  You may vote for more than one if you like, because this isn't the final tally.  I'll choose the three or four with the most votes and we'll have another vote for the winner... unless one name gets so many votes that it's obvious there's no need for another poll.  
Your vote may not show up until you have refreshed the page, but it will be there.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I choose Belle because she has those big brown beautiful eyes. I can just imagine her blinking them like a true southern belle. I voted on your sidebar.

Lori said...

I voted for my three favorites, and I see that one of those has received a lot of votes. She is such a pretty little thing!


How exciting we get to vote. So I did for Heidi. I agree with you about the MOONICA. REALLY BAD!