Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Things I love

The Breville Smart Grinder is the best $200 I've spent lately.  You set it to grind as many cups as you are going to make, and then dump the grounds into the coffeemaker basket.  No measuring.  It takes a while to get the amounts right when you first start using it, but once that is done, you have the best coffee ever.  I had a very cheap burr coffee grinder, but it made a mess every time I used it.  I'm not even kidding when I tell you that Cliff and I can be heard talking about how good our coffee is, every time we have a cup.  I don't grind the beans until I'm ready to make coffee, so it's as fresh as possible.  
I had used Eight O'Clock coffee beans for a long time, but now that I have a Costco account, we have decided we prefer their Kirkland brand (roasted by Starbucks).  No, this is NOT a paid advertisement.  

And my latest purchase, the Fitbit zip.  

You clip that tiny little thing to your waistband or bra and forget all about it.  Any time you're near a computer or tablet, you can see how many miles you've walked in a given day.  Below you can see my stats from a few minutes ago.  That 4.79 miles, of course, includes a couple miles in the pasture this morning.  
Cliff said if I don't shut up telling him how far I've walked every hour or so, he's going to throw it away.  
A local Facebook friend was talking about hers, which was the first I ever heard of it.  She has the Ultra model, which lets you know how often you are awake at night.  It would have been neat to have, but it cost twice as much, and I really just wanted to see how much I was walking.  You know, so I could tell Cliff.  


Angela said...

Nothing compares to freshly ground coffee.


Your FITBIT ZIP sounds interesting. I think I want one. We got a boring pedometer when we joined a Healthy steppers program at the mall but the darn thing doesn't work.


PS) If we get one, my hubby will drive me crazy telling me how far he walked. So you and him are birds of a feather. LOL

Melissa Wiggins said...

Whoa! These are some expensive gadgets. I think we're going to need a new dryer in a month or so -- can't afford extras like these right now. MGW

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a wonderful machine. I'd never seen one that ground your coffee and then made it too. You walk a lot more than I do for sure. It's fun to see how much you do in a days time.

Average Jane said...

I need one of those coffee grinders. I'm positive the only things stopping me from making good coffee are my cheap grinder and my inability to measure properly.