Friday, October 19, 2012

Seeing things in a different light

Today I happened to find all my cattle in the small lot at once, giving me a chance to take a picture of them.

Closest to the camera are Gracie and George.  Just beyond Gracie (on the left) is Jody.  Just beyond George is Bonnie, and beyond her is the new bull, Red.  In the background you see Babe, with her daughter. Annie. nursing.  
Jody, of course, will probably leave us, unless a miracle occurs.  Those of you who believe in miracles, this is your chance to put in a good word for her.  It is looking ever more promising, though, that she will be able to stick around until she presents us with a calf.  We hope it will be a girl, since it's daddy is a Jersey, and I really love Jerseys.  
So I have two mature cows, Babe and Bonnie.  Babe gave us a girl, and we are really hoping Bonnie gives us a heifer too; it will be a whiteface calf, like Babe and Annie.  Bonnie has presented us with three bull calves so far, and I think it's time for a heifer.  
My herd consists of one baby steer; two baby heifers; one bull; one pregnant heifer; and two mature cows.  
And I went cow-shopping?  What was I thinking?  I have PLENTY of cows!  Besides, we just have a little over 40 acres, and only about half of them usable.  


Tressa Bailey said...

Im sorry.. I would have had to name one of those cows "dinner" . hahahah....just as a joke.

looks like a nice life though...

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Donna little boy cows have been named after entrees before! :)

Jon said...

A wonderful photo of your brood. I'm admittedly envious of your rural lifestyle. I'd much rather live near cows than people!

Margaret said...

Wonderful photo! Yes, you DO have plenty of cows!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree, you have a good size herd there for sure. I do believe in miracles...they happen every day. May the good Lord bless you with many.