Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Oh what a beautiful morning

It was cool and crisp enough to make our morning walk enjoyable.  I try not to just sleepwalk my way over our walking path; when you do the same thing almost every day, you tend to not notice the beauty around you.  I sometimes have to remind myself to look around, enjoy our property, and be thankful that we live in this particular spot in the universe.  If I am oblivious to my rural surroundings,  I may as well move to town.  

  We had pear honey on toast today.  Delicious!  

As it turned out, I did not have eight cups of pear pulp, the amount my mom's recipe calls for.  I had five-and-a-half cups.  So I reduced the amount of sugar accordingly, but still added the entire can of crushed pineapple.    

We bought two bushels of Fuji apples a while back, and with those around, I find myself uninterested in eating the Golden Delicious apples we bought earlier.  So I think it is my duty to make an apple pie today, rather than let those Goldens go to waste.  Tomorrow is supposed to be our warmest, sunniest day for a while, so I think we should go someplace on the motorcycle.
Cliff mowed the alfalfa, and now there is a 30% chance of rain for Thursday and Friday.  We need rain so badly, we would neither one care much if it ruined our hay!  It's so cool, this hay probably won't be cured enough to bale until Friday or Saturday.  
Oh, about the new header picture:  Gracie is actually doing quite well at learning to lead; I just wanted to get a picture of her balking.  What I normally do when she balks is just let the rope get slack and wait until she is ready to go again.  


Margaret said...

You're in control of that calf, Donna. Definitely! ;)I can't believe I'm saying this, but we need some rain too. It has been a very dry August and September here.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, we are to have the best day of the Week here with temps reaching mid 70's. By the weekend we'll be much cooler. Your pear honey looks delicious. Hope you never tire of your wonderful surroundings. Enjoy your Wednesday!

krueth said...

Your pear honey looks so good. Mmm! It is so dry up here in Northern MN. we have fires everywhere and buildings and homes being destroyed by them. We though are in a winter storm watch for tomorrow morning until friday morning, seriously?? thats crazy, but if it helps put out those fires I can deal with it. Wendy