Thursday, October 04, 2012

It's raining

Cliff mowed hay this week.  We were amazed at how much alfalfa hay was there, once he raked it.  And now it's raining.  If it rains a lot, the hay is probably ruined.  If it only rains a little, it will be salvaged.  We have enough hay for our animals, so we can survive one cutting that has to be hauled to the ditch. 
On the other hand, Cliff seeded a couple of acres in clover and grass last month.  It needs rain, or the seedlings will die.  If it rains at least half-an-inch, it will save the seedlings on that piece of ground.  You win some, you lose some.
We don't make our living farming, so whatever happens, we will accept it and move on.

I still watch Pioneer Woman on Food Network.  Her detractors call her fans "sheeple", as in "blind followers".  And yet they watch every episode of her TV show so they can tell people what they feel she did wrong.  They say she is fake.  They don't like the fact that she has plenty of money.  But don't you dare tell them they sound like they are jealous, because that would make you a SHEEPLE!  
I find those people peculiar, because if I didn't like a TV show, I wouldn't watch it.  If I didn't enjoy a blog, I wouldn't read it.  But that's just me.  I love seeing Ree Drummond with her kids and her husband and her whatever-kind-of challenged brother, Mike.  She used to call him "my retarded brother", but the haters didn't like that.  So she went back to all her entries and changed that phrase.  Now the haters call her a hypocrite because she started using the politically correct terminology they wanted.  You just can't make some people happy.  
Cliff watches PW's show because he likes to see the huge farm implements.  My dog, Iris, likes to watch so she can attack the horses.  I'm pretty sure even my cows would love her blog and her show, if I'd let them in the house.  
We love Ree Drummond.  I've read her blog for years, and I feel as though I know her.  
Oh, the cooking?  It's OK, but I don't need any more recipes.  I'm 68 years old, and have a collection of calorie-laden recipes that will clog my families arteries for at least two more generations.  I read her books for the pictures, although we do love PW's chicken spaghetti.  
I am a fan.  Go ahead, haters.  Call me a sheeple.  I've been called worse.  

No, I did NOT actually get that tattoo.  The crazy Kansas City photographer photoshopped this thing; but I did get a laugh out of it.  


Margaret said...

You look very young in this photo!! I don't follow PW, but I have no problem with people who do. She's way better than many other popular bloggers, that's for sure!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a crazy world it seems with people criticizing everything. I had no idea that things like that were being said. Hope you get just enough rain there for your needs. It's to rain here and then turn much cooler and by Sunday night they say we could go down into the 30's. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

krueth said...

I also faithfully watch Pioneer Woman cooks, and read her blog. I sure wouldn't watch or read something I didn't care for. I enjoy her show and seeing her family and farm too. She is just a pleasant woman to listen to and watch. :-) Hope you get some hay maybe? and just enough rain to keep your new plantings going and your hay up. Wendy

Hyperblogal said...

There are people in the world who, if you walked up to them and gave them a $100 bill, they would say, "geez, don't you have two-50s?" .