Thursday, October 11, 2012

They think they know the middle class?

I didn't watch the first debate.  Cliff watched, and I sat at my computer and laughed at what Facebook friends were saying.  Tonight, I watched the debate.  
Nobody impressed me, although I was very impressed by the whiteness of one candidate's teeth.  One of my Facebook friends suggested his teeth were dentures, but hey, that doesn't make him a bad person.
I get tired of politicians acting like they know what it's like to be a member of the middle class.  They don't have a clue.  
Cliff and I have been pretty much "lower middle class" all our lives.  Anybody who has met us knows it.  We live in a trailer house, for heaven's sake... by CHOICE!  We do own a real house, but Cliff's sister lives in it.  
Now we are on Social Security, and we are REALLY lower middle class.  
We're having a blast.  I would love to see any candidate live on $2,500 a month and have as much fun as we do.   
Meanwhile, the candidate with the teeth only made us thing of a movie we once saw, "The Witches of Eastwick".  His smile was exactly like Jack Nicholson's evil grin in that movie.  Of course that has nothing to do with anybody's qualifications for office.  
Nobody liked Jimmy Carter, but I submit to you that he DID know something about the middle class.  He knew what work was.  
I am so tired of rich people telling me how much they care about the middle class.


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I agree, I am really in the middle about all this. Yes I think they are dentures too. I think Joe Biden was laughing quite inappropriately. Speaking of poor, I am raising a family of 4 on around $2000 a month so I know how you feel!

Margaret said...

I didn't watch, so I can't say. But JB does have outrageously white teeth. (probably dentures because they're also very, very straight) I'm ready to vote and get this election stuff over with!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I watched both debates and shook my head a lot. I'm with you I really don't think any of them could imagine what it is like to be middle class.

darev2005 said...

Not only do they not know what it's like to be middle class, or lower middle class like me, they don't have a clue what it's like to actually have to work for a living. Only the idle rich can afford to be politicians these days. Why do we elect anybody?

patsy said...

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