Friday, October 26, 2012


Remember the above picture that I recently shared, showing all the cattle I own? 

The Crazy Photographer is at it again:
"We're not sure whether it was the meerkats or the vulture that was the final straw... but Cliff shut down the WIFI until the intervention."

With Cliff's help and guidance, I am restraining myself from buying any more calves, even though the people from whom I bought George and Gracie will have a few more for sale in the next few days.  I was really chomping at the bit to buy another one, but Cliff reminded me that we have all the cattle we can take care of now.  He didn't have to have an intervention.  I saw the light.  Besides, another bottle calf would keep me tied down for at least another month; George and Gracie are almost ready to wean.  They are eating all the sweet feed and hay I put in front of them.  

Cliff's appointment with the cardiologist was yesterday.  We were escorted to an exam room (yes, I always go in with him).  The nurse came in and asked him some questions, as usual, and told us the doctor would be with us shortly.  We had started reading our books when the nurse stuck her head in and said Dr. Nager had been called over to the hospital because someone had a heart attack, but some other doctor would fill in for him.  
The doctor was a lady.  She scolded us for waiting two years to come in; I explained that I had to go behind Cliff's back to make this appointment.  Then she told us something that I do NOT recall Dr. Nager mentioning two years ago:  Cliff has a problem called mitral valve regurgitation.  It's no big deal so far, but it bears watching.  
So I guess I will fight with Cliff once a year from now on to get him to the cardiologist.   
Maybe HE needs an intervention, just to get him to go to the doctor.  


Joyce Rector said...

Johnny never went to a Dr. until, we found out he is diabetic in 1997. For the first year he had to go to Dr. every 3 months. Now he only goes twice a year. I just make the appointment, then I don't schedule any work for him on the morning we go to the Clinic. In 2003 I found out I'm diabetic, so we always go at the same time. They draw blood from Johnny then from me. If you see one of us you will see the other right beside. I don't blame you for being right there with Cliff, before I became diabetic, I went to every Dr. visit with Johnny. He is my best friend & I want to make sure I am taking the best care of him I can.

darev2005 said...

It's not just a guy thing. I have to force my wife to go see the doctor when she needs to, as well. Of course I don't have much room to talk, either.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have a nice size herd and a very good husband. Just enjoy what you have. Sometimes it's hard to not want more, but often what you have is really all you need.

Margaret said...

I hate going to the doctor and avoid it whenever possible, so I'm like Cliff. They never tell me anything pleasant like WHAT GREAT BLOOD PRESSURE or it's great that you've gained 10 pounds, etc.

Carlene Noggle said...


Lori said...

Love the picture, especially that vulture!!

Maybe Cliff won't make it hard on you and will go peaceably once a year to his heart doctor.