Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Clarification, especially for Angela

As I said in another entry, Cliff gave me the go-ahead to get an Ipad Mini.  By the comment she left, Angela seems to have been wondering if our "fun" envelope (Dave Ramsey envelope system) had that much money in it.  
Honey, if I took all the money distributed throughout all the envelopes at the beginning of our fiscal month, it would barely pay for that thing!   
I sometimes do a little juggling with the money in the envelopes, moving extra funds from "clothing" and putting them in the miscellaneous slot.  You aren't supposed to do that, but hey... I never said I was perfect. 
We have an emergency fund that we absolutely won't touch for non-essentials.  So the money isn't coming from that.  Of course we aren't doing credit any more, except for gasoline, which is paid in full every month.  So I'm not getting it on payments.  I have a household account that sometimes has a little extra in it, but never that much.  
Cliff actually offered a portion of his tractor fund to me.  It's one pile of money I never touch, and he normally doesn't offer.  I didn't ask, but I accepted when he offered.  
(Don't tell Damn Dave Ramsey, because I doubt he would approve.)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've got to say that your Cliff is a good man.

Angela said...

That comment obviously lost its note of sarcasm through virtual translation, but boy, do I feel special! =)

(And Dave Ramsey will never know).