Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life in the country

George and Gracie received their last bottles of milk replacer yesterday.  When I stepped outside for a walk, this is the look I got, along with some pitiful mooing.  They are eating plenty of calf starter and alfalfa hay.  They'll be fine.  

I still turn them out together to play sometimes.  Gracie is getting more black on her face all the time.  

George isn't falling down, he's practicing his quick turns.  

Over the last two days, Red-the-Bull spent a lot of time trying to climb Mount Everest.  I would be very surprised if he succeeded, but it's early anyway.  Grow, Red, grow!  

We were going down our first steep hill during this morning's walk and I said, "Stop, Cliff, I want to take a picture of our shadows."  If you look closely you will see our other two shadows, Mama Kitty nearby and Iris, far ahead.  Iris isn't such a good shadow, since she usually runs off by herself, but Mama Kitty often goes all the way with us.  

I've been letting both Jody and Bonnie in the stanchion once a day for a bite of feed.  Bonnie needs to get used to it again, and I just feel sorry for Jody because of her limp.  When they saw us going back toward the house, they followed; I rewarded them with some sweet feed.  

I have a bloggie friend in Washington whose husband has lung cancer.  The outlook, of course, is not good.  She's a school teacher and is dealing with one difficult situation after another.  She mentioned to me the other day how hard it is to have to switch from planning a wonderful retirement with her husband to the idea of losing her husband and possibly never retiring.  There's another blogger I follow who recently retired from teaching.  Her husband is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  This got me thinking about how my life would change without Cliff, and if my life changed, of course so would my blog.  
I would sell this place as quickly as possible and move to senior citizen housing in a nearby town, since I don't drive and wouldn't be able to afford the upkeep of this place on my own.  Nor could I do the work required here.  There would be no more pictures of cows and horses.  Pictures taken of my daily walk would show sidewalks, streets, houses, and businesses.  I'm not sure I would have enough going on to even maintain a blog.  I'm not trying to make this a downer, but I have to tell you I sure appreciate Cliff when I think along these lines; if you enjoy my pictures of country life, you had better appreciate him, too.  
He's working on a chicken tractor for me as I type this.  Sounds like another blog entry, right?      


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Life on the farm there is enjoyable and I always love seeing your pictures, but take it from one that knows all to well, life does go on even if your beloved other half is no longer here to enjoy it with. This November it will be 20 years now since my husband died of a massive heart attack. I didn't blog then, but I have for at least 8 years now and still find life interesting and exciting. You are blessed to have your Cliff and he is a wonderful man. Enjoy each moment that you have together.

nerves05 said...


Melissa Wiggins said...

You know, I feel exactly the same way -- I'm so grateful when Will gets out of the hospital and I get him home. He's 77 -- and though I know he's not going to ever be 100% again, I'm happy that we still share life together: he drives us to the dog park and I walk the dogs; he remembers where I put the house keys; he tastes the tuna fish to make sure it's seasoned enough; he knows which highways to take to find Lee's Summit (I'd never find that place!). It's good to have someone to share your life and I really fear facing it all alone. MGW

Forty Pound Sack said...

It's kind of weird to realize just how badly I want to know what a chicken tractor is. A tractor painted with chicken pictures? A tractor made for chasing chickens? A tractor that looks like a chicken? A tractor that lays eggs? I seriously want to know, LOL!

Carlene Noggle said...

WHAT IS A CHICKEN TRACTOR? Trust me, your life would change but it does go on...although differently.

Carlene Noggle said...

WHAT IS A CHICKEN TRACTOR? Trust me, your life would change but it does go on...although differently.

Lori said...

Well, personally, I hope both you and Cliff are around for a long, long time, and blogging strong as well!