Monday, October 15, 2012

Kids are like that

We bought a bull today.  More about that at another time, though. 
Cliff's brother, the one with the birthday, had a friend with a yearling bull to sell.  This morning we went to look at a Jersey cow that has been on Craigslist forever (didn't buy her), then on to Cliff's brother's house.  He suggested we leave our car at his house and all of us get in his pickup (with livestock trailer attached) to go look at the bull.  That way if we bought the bull, we could bring him right on home.  
Cliff's brother had a granddaughter, Myley, with him.  He intended to leave her at home with her grandma, but she wanted to go with her "Pawpaw".  
She sat in the back seat with me, and didn't shut up from the time we left until the time we returned.  
Am I complaining?  Nope.  That kid kept me in stitches.  
I explained to her that although her Pawpaw's birthday party was on Saturday, his REAL birthday was today.  "Did you even tell him happy birthday today?"  I asked her.  
"No," she answered.  "I'm just a little girl and I'm not supposed to remember people's birthdays."  
The kid isn't even five years old yet.  
We had the bull loaded and were heading toward my house when Mylie showed me how dirty the bottom of her foot was.  
"Your feet stink," I said.  
"No, I farted," was her reply.  "When I drink too much water I have gas."  
I was hauling a Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade around with me (because we happened to drive by a Sonic at happy hour) and passed it to Myley every once in awhile.  At one point I lifted the lid to see if I could see the cherry that's always in the bottom of the drink, and told her what I was looking for.  
She asked if she could have the cherry.  
You can check with Cliff, but I will tell you that NOBODY gets the cherry out of my happy-hour Diet Cherry Limeade.  
I told Myley there was still too much drink in the cup to get the cherry, and I didn't want to put my hands down in there fishing around for it.
"I can get it," she said.  

I pointed out that her hands were probably dirty and I didn't want them in my drink.  Then I made a mental note to let her have the cherry when we got home.  
When we got to my house, she and I came inside to use the facilities and I poured out the rest of my drink.  There were three lime slices in the cup, but NO cherry!  Myley and I discussed what a lousy Sonic it must be, when they don't give you your cherry.  
I also learned how to play dead today, and Myley taught me some songs I have never heard.  One of them said repeatedly, "shake that thing".  
I'm pretty sure she sang me a rap song, too.   
So I asked her, "Do you know the song about the lady who swallowed a fly?"  
No, she did not, and she asked me to sing it.  
I sang the whole thing while she gave me her whole-hearted attention, with me tickling her every time I mentioned the spider that wiggled and wiggled and tickled inside her.  
When I finished, she said matter-of-factly, "No, I don't know it."  
Kids are so funny sometimes.  Oh, here's a picture of Myley I stole off Facebook.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Kids are wonderful and I'm so glad I retired so I could enjoy some of my grandchildren more often. Glad you had such a great time. Will be looking forward to seeing that bull.

Angela said...

Cute story, Donna.

Carlene Noggle said...

I would love to see her and Wyatt together!!!