Sunday, October 14, 2012

Raise a toast to old toasters

Back in March I complained in a blog entry about my dislike of modern toasters:  They take forever to toast the bread, and when it pops up it isn't even hot enough to melt butter.  
The other day Cliff and I were at Walmart and decided to buy another toaster.  Unfortunately, they all looked like the useless one we already have, so we came home without one.  When I think of the toasters I threw away over the years just because they had become unsightly, it makes me sad.  Now money won't even buy a decent one.  Oh, they look nice, and they're easier to clean up; they just don't work.  
Somehow the subject of toasters came up yesterday when we were visiting with Cliff's brother and his wife, Mary.  I told them I was going to search on Ebay and find me an old toaster that would work.  
Mary said, "I've had my toaster since 1968, and it still works."  
Don said, "Yeah, and you don't even have to lower the toast; when you put it in the toaster, it goes down automatically."  

This is not the exact toaster I bought.
Sounded like a nifty feature to me.  Looking on Ebay, it didn't take me long to find one like the one Don and Mary described.  In fact, I found two of them.  The top bid on one was nine dollars, with four hours left on the auction.  I left a bid, with my top bid being $30.00, and we left to go to Cliff's brother Phil's surprise birthday party.  By the time the party was over,the toaster was mine, for exactly $30.00 plus about $13 shipping.  I'm not worried about it's condition or whether it will work, since the seller is a top-rated seller with 100% positive feedback.  He says it works, I believe him. 
This toaster seems to have something of a cult following.  It was made from 1949 on into the '90's, so used ones are plentiful (I got the information HERE).  Mine is probably from the 80's, because the control is on the front of the toaster and appears to be a brighter color.  
I've already paid for it with Paypal, and I hope to receive it within the week.  On the day it is delivered, Cliff and I will have breakfast for dinner to celebrate its arrival.  I am a happy camper.  
And what will we do with our present toaster?  I shall present it to my son-in-law to use as target practice.


darev2005 said...

Hmm... That just sounds like a nifty toaster. We've had ours for about 20 years now and it does okay. It's ugly, but it works. That's all I ask of a toaster.

Jon said...

It's an absolute fact that old appliances were well-made and lasted forever.
Nowadays, the El Cheapo Walmart appliances don't even last a year.
(made in China, of course)

Margaret said...

I have to double toast EVERYTHING,even when the bread isn't frozen. Then I have to hold down the lever because it doesn't want to stay down the 2nd time around. My toaster is a PAIN in the you-know-where. That one looks nifty!

CountryDew said...

Target practice! I love it.

I have the same problem with toaster ovens. My first toaster oven (1983) was terrific, had a pop-up knob for toast, it worked great. I used it for years. Someone gave me a new one for Christmas and I tossed out the old one, have regretted it ever since.

Paula said...

Happy toasting to you and Cliff.

Anita said...

Now you've made me think about my toaster. lol It "has" taken some finagling to get the right color and crunch that I like.

I hope your new toaster will live up to its expectations. :)

Melissa Wiggins said...

Wow! $30 (not counting shipping) for a used toaster -- this must be one fantastic machine. However, I love toast and no one else in my family understands the necessity of having an actual toaster on their counters -- "You can toast bread in the oven, silly!" Currently I have a Cuisinart and though you must actually push down a lever to have it operate, my toast is always warm enough to melt soft butter -- I've found that only toaster ovens melt hard, cold butter and you but it on the toast as it's toasting. MGW