Monday, October 29, 2012

Home alone

This is more than likely the most boring entry you will read anywhere this month.  If you have any self-respect, you will surf on by and not waste these precious minutes of your life.  
Cliff is in Kansas, not so far from Pioneer Woman.  He'll be home tomorrow.  This feels so strange.  He's been retired since a year ago July, and he's always here on our property somewhere.  Most of the time if he goes anywhere, I'm with him.  Even Iris wonders what's going on.    
Normal women would clean house with their husband gone, right?  
Nobody said I was normal.  
Usually if Cliff is gone for the day I use that opportunity to make oyster soup.  He not only hates it, but also doesn't like the smell.  However, I didn't have a can of oysters in the cupboard.  I had part of a package of ground beef thawed, so I made myself a huge, greasy cheeseburger.  It wasn't oyster soup, but it was good.  
I messed around with my guitar.   I sang some songs I wrote years ago and found out I still remember the tunes to most of them, after all.  The tunes were only in my head and I thought some of them were lost forever.  A couple of them would be better off lost forever, actually.    
I studied the Ipad Mini situation for awhile:  The IPad I have now is 16 GB, and there wasn't much room left on it, so I was going to get a 32 GB Mini.  Someone a few days ago called to my attention that music takes a lot of space, and that got me thinking:  I hardly ever listen to music on the IPad, and every song I've ever downloaded is on there.  
My brain is tired from studying all this, but I searched the Internet and found out how to get all that music off my IPad; you can't do it directly on the Ipad, you have to change things on the computer and then hook the IPad up to it.  Now I have lots of space left, and I will get a 16 GB IPad Mini, which saves Cliff a hundred bucks.  I did leave a few of my favorite songs, just in case I want to listen to Iris Dement or John Prine or Leadbelly sometime when I'm on the road.  Before I got rid of so many songs, I only had 3 GB left; now I have over 10.  
Since I was playing with ITunes anyhow, I did something I've needed to do for a long time:  I deleted a lot of songs that I had downloaded more than once.  Nosing around ITunes, I found songs on my computer that I never heard of.  I have no idea how they got on there.  Those are now history.    
Things may be getting interesting in the pasture soon.  I notice Red, the Bull, is staying very close to Babe today.  He is so much smaller than her, it is going to be like conquering Mount Everest if he does the deed.  If he doesn't manage it this time, maybe he will grow enough in the next couple of months.    


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like a great day to me. It's very windy and raining here...Thankfully no snow. The widespread effects of Hurricane Sandy are being felt by a lot of us.

Paula said...

Yeah when John is gone I bring out the can of salmon and make patties. You reminded me I need to make some of those. Wonder how I can get him to leave. lol

Margaret said...

It does sound like a good day, full of accomplishments! I hate it when my husband is gone because he's usually in the hospital which is a totally different situation. :(