Monday, October 15, 2012

Sometimes you just know when the time is right

Cliff has been making noises all summer about selling the motorcycle.  For quite a while I protested, telling him we should keep it around simply for short jaunts, if nothing else.  We sold one motorcycle, and ended up getting another one within a couple of months because we missed it so much.  But I've started paying attention to what my husband says, and I think maybe it is time.
For one thing, he says driving the Gold Wing wears him out.  He works very hard at staying alert, which is SO necessary on a motorcycle, with half the drivers around you chatting on cell phones and some of them even texting.  We've been lucky to have not had any accidents, although there have been a couple of close calls.  Cliff is right to feel that he can't let down his guard for a second, but it's so tiring for him that if we ride over two hours, he comes home, plops on the couch, and dozes off.    
Now that he's retired, his tractor hobby has become his priority.  I honestly don't think he would miss the motorcycle that much, he keeps so busy with the tractors.  Selling the motorcycle would put more dollars in his tractor fund and allow him to keep doing what he loves best.
So we may be putting old "White Lightening" on Craigslist before long.  This isn't the time of year to sell a motorcycle, so it probably won't go anywhere until March, when everybody starts getting spring fever.  But something tells me we would do well to quit while we're ahead.
Cliff's brother and his wife came up from Kansas to attend a birthday party for their older brother.  They came a day early so Don, a mechanic by trade, could help Cliff on an old John Deere he recently bought from a neighbor.  The tractor had been parked for over twenty years, and the engine was stuck. They got it "unstuck", but found out the block is going to have to have bigger holes bored in it.  I really hope I am phrasing this right, because Cliff is still in bed asleep and I don't know what the heck I am talking about.  Anyhow, Don offered to take the tractor home with him and do that little job.
Basically what all this means is that this tractor is turning into a money hole, a common occurrence around here.  But I digress.
Don hooked onto Cliff's big trailer, and they loaded the tractor for its trip to Kansas.

Cliff will still have plenty to do.  The 550 Oliver has quite a way to go before it's ready to paint, and there's a big 1655 Oliver that could use some work, if he ever gets the other projects done.  
My heifer, Jody, is going to the butcher shop tomorrow.  Her limp is getting progressively worse, and there's no way she would make it till February when her calf is due.  If she were to get so bad she couldn't walk, the butcher shop wouldn't be able to take her because the law won't let them butcher "downer cows".  That's because a cow that can't get up might have a disease, for all they know.  Also, if she were to get to the point where she was lying down more than she was up grazing, she would start losing weight and the quality of the meat would be affected.  The oldest grandson is going to pay for processing and take half the meat.  We'll probably have it mostly put into hamburger, although Cliff will go look at the carcass and see what it looks like before we decide for sure.  
We are thinking about buying a bull, which seems ridiculous when we only have two cows.  But it is such a hassle to load up the cows and haul them to Cliff's brother's place.  We probably won't get a Jersey bull because they are SO dangerous, so we're thinking Angus.  Forty-five years ago when we had our first few cows, you could rent a bull, keep him long enough to breed the cows, and then take him home.  For some reason, nobody rents bulls out any more.  
So that's what's happening here at Woodhaven Acres.   


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's the first I've heard you call your place Woodhaven acres. I like it. Sorry about Jody. Hopefully the rest will stay fit and healthy for you. Traveling in any vehicle is tiring to me anymore. Yes, you do have to be on the lookout a lot and that is stressful. We're supposed to be enjoying this time of our lives so do what makes you happy is my motto. Hope your Monday is a great one!

darev2005 said...

I gave up on motorcycles long before the cellphone age. I tended to encounter the people who were just not watching what they were doing anyway. Finally figured out that motorcycles will kill me if I keep it up. **sigh** I do kind of miss it, though.

Anonymous said...

I remember when you guys bought your motorcyle and it scared me to death,thinking about you riding that thing all over Missouri, and anywhere else you took a fancy to. MC's just scare me, because you have no protection when you ride them. On the other hand, I admired the both of you for getting out there and doing what you loved.. riding your Redwing, and just having fun.
I do agree that if Cliff has come to the realization that it's time to get rid of the "toy" then I would have to again say I admire his honesty about questioning his ability to remain safe while driving. I'm glad he has his tractors to keep him busy! I'm just happy you guys enjoyed it while you could, and remained safe while doing so! :)

Anonymous said...

The above comment was from me, Donna... Jackie ( Don't know why it put all that gobble de gook as my name! :(

Midlife Mom said...

Well this is try number 3 to see if I can leave a comment. I think I am jinxed!

Midlife Mom said...

Hey, it worked. Go figure!

If you feel it's time to sell the Gold Wing it probably is. It's not Cliff, it's the other distracted drivers that I would worry about. Seeing them texting drives me nuts!

Margaret said...

I love hearing stories of your jaunts on the motorcycle, but it does sound like it's time to get rid of it. :(

Anonymous said...

So sorry about Jody!
Also sorry about the bike. I do admire Cliff for knowing when it's time to let her go. I will miss your posts about your rides.

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear about Jody, Hugs