Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warmer weather

It was almost shirtsleeve weather today; what a welcome break from the bone-chilling cold.  
Yesterday I went for my first walk in days; there was a crust on the snow, which was still about four inches deep, even after a couple days melting.  My calves are letting me know about it today; that business of breaking through the crust atop the snow is very tiring.  I walked again today, but not nearly as far as usual.  I'm trying to build up to it again.  
My daughter and her family came to visit, bringing along my great-granddaughter Kami.  I can't believe how grown-up she acts.  

Rachel saw I was preparing to take some pictures, so she fixed Kami's hair a little bit.  

Here you have a dog-whisperer in the making.  Actually, there's peanut butter in the ball Iris is working on.  Kami found this very interesting. 

When it comes to farm equipment, you have to start kids young these days.  Last summer you couldn't get Kami on a tractor, so she's coming along nicely.  

As usual, Cliff's working on a project.  Kevin, the son-in-law, is supervising.  Or maybe he's just visiting with Cliff.  

On the other side of the shop, grandson Arick is working on his truck.  

Laying on the cold concrete just seems to be the thing to do today, but not for me.  
I've enjoyed my Nook; it's been a good day for it.  


Margaret said...

Great photos--I would be reading too! I don't like crawling around on cold concrete! :)

Rachel said...

Good lookin' kid! LOL It was good to have it warm enough to come out for a bit. I'm ready for summer!

Sonya said...

Glad it is warmer there. It was almost 50 here today. I even went without a coat. lol

And it is supposed to get near 60 soon.

Paula said...

We had a much appreciated warmer day today too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We got warmer but not like that for sure. Maybe by Friday they say we'll be upper 40's or 50. Enjoy the warmth!

Hollie said...

Sounds like an absolute wonderful day at your place!