Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're back to our regular daily walk

Well, perhaps you couldn't call our walk "regular" just yet.  It's pretty full of adventure and surprises.  

In some places, we're still wading snow.  Thank goodness for our Muck boots.  

In spots, the snow melted and then re-froze on our path, so we had to walk beside the path unless we wanted to ice-skate, which we were neither one inclined to do.  

We've seen deer tracks and raccoon tracks in the snow, but this one really puzzled us; it went on for yards and disappeared down a ravine.  From a distance it looked like a tractor tire track... a tractor with one tire.  We're still puzzling over this one.  

It's hard to tell, but there are rivulets of water running in this shot.  Thawing is a wonderful thing.  I could learn to like mud.    

To those who offered suggestions on my problem with the disappearing library books on my Nook:  I know the books disappear after two weeks.  That isn't the problem.  I check out the book, which puts it on my computer.  I immediately connect the Nook and drag the book to it.  
Sometimes I can find it and read it after I do this; other times it's nowhere to be found.  However, if I try to drag it to the Nook again, I'm told the book is already on there.   
What puzzles me is that it's only an occasional thing, because I go through the process the same way, every time.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's great you are getting out again. Do be careful on that ice. There is still a lot of ice here to deal with. Some people clear there walks here but many don't so there won't be any walks for me yet. I agree thawing is wonderful.

Cliff said...

I hope spring has sprung and that we aren't being set up for a cruel joke. I don't want to see one of those late March 20 inches of wet snow but I suppose it might happen.
I don't have an answer for computer problems. You might try yelling and pounding on the desk like I do until your spouse says why don't you go outside for a while.

ingasmile said...

Donna, when I download library books to my nook they show up in "My Files" and then sometimes I even have to look around in there to find them.


Michaele said...

I have started regular walking again and it feels good! Glad to see the thaw.

Andrea said...

Maybe those tracks are geese tracks? From the picture, the print looks like from a webbed foot to me...but maybe it's different up close.

Lovely blog. I just found it today.


Margaret said...

Walking is fabulous; I always feel so healthy after I've been out doing something active! I don't know how the Nook works, so I can't help. I'm excited to order a Netbook when I get back from my visit to NYC. I'm hoping not to be frustrated by it!