Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Bargains and windfalls

Last week when Cliff and I were at Walmart, we saw rack after rack of coats on clearance.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you want to look at it), we're neither one in need of a casual coat.  If I could find a nice coat worth the money, one to wear when I go shopping or someplace, I'd grab it.  I've been perusing Kohl's and Target clearance online; so far, nothing has been cheap enough to suit me.   
I filed our income taxes Friday.  Although I've been confident that our refund wouldn't show up in our checking account this soon, I've checked every day.  Funny thing is, I was looking for that big fat federal refund; so the measly little $500 state refund sat there for two days before I noticed.  And trust me, we're not so wealthy that we consider $500 to be chicken feed!  It just goes to show that if your sights are set too high, you can miss the treasure that's right in front of your eyes.  I still can't believe a refund showed up only four days after I filed our taxes online.  
I have to visit the doctor's office before I can get any more of my blood pressure pills.  Yesterday I called to schedule an appointment with a nurse-practitioner and was put on hold.  After five minutes of waiting, I gave up.  I'll try again today.  
It's snowing; so what else is new?  This round isn't supposed to amount to much.  The forecast low for tonight is five below zero.  The forecast for Sunday has a high of fifty predicted, and highs should remain in the forties and fifties for the following week.  Won't that be nice?  
Cliff has a review and a raise coming up at work.  This will be his last raise, I believe, before he retires.  From what I've seen since I've been on Social Security, we'd better enjoy it.  Raises are few and far between when you're retired.  And the raises you do get are downright pathetic.  I keep raising the percentage of his check that goes into 401K, knowing this is our last shot at retirement savings.    
That's your daily report from Redneck Central.  Have a great day, everybody!


patsy said...

We here in the hills and hollows don't take much snow to be a lot.
disgusted, revolted and plain sick of winter.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm living in hope these days and counting every little thing I can find as a blessing. Presidents Day Sales are coming up and this is one sale I love to shop. I set aside funds just to go shopping that weekend. It seems I always find good bargains then. DD and I go to the outlet Mall about 1 hour away and spend the day. I hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one!

Margaret said...

No idea whether we'll get a refund or not. My husband worked more last year than the year before. We'll see. Sometimes we owe thousands, sometimes we get thousands. It just depends on how many deductions he claims. Our younger daughter usually has to pay and our older one gets money back. Weird. I would like a new coat! I'm tired of mine. That weather sounds balmy. :)

Lindie said...

Since I am self employed, I never get a refund. But we did get another inch and a half of snow! ;)
It was extra cold late yesterday when I was out. The wind chill I guess.

Lindie said...

think it is more like 2 1/2 inches now that I have been out in it!

Hollie said...

I hope & pray Cliff gets a wonderful raise!~!! It's supposed to start snowing again here tonight!

Oh, I just realized I've got to go see who the winner was...

katie said...

Just wanted to say HI, I see you are a Missouri blogger.
You were talking about taxes, so far I have tried not to think about them. Guess I better get my head in the game as soon as the roads clear and get them done.