Thursday, February 03, 2011

A peek into the past... 1983

I don't even know what prompted me to write down this record of 1983.  I was looking through my documents for a poem I once wrote about the month of February, and this is what I found; no poem, but interesting, and perhaps will cause my kids to reminisce.  Notice my weight fluctuation.  It's been a life-long problem.  

I weighed 145 in January, 156 in February, weighed 161 on April 6
My dog Suzie died in January
Cliff was bowling every Wednesday night
I had a Jersey calf named Holly.
We were spending less than $50 a week at the grocery store.
I was walking 6 miles a day
For Valentine's Day, Jim gave me a carnation and Rachel gave me a little box of chocolates.
The final episode of MASH aired on TV.
4 inches of snow on March 20
We ate out at Duffs a lot
snowed 4 inches on April 4

April 9, my son went to a Billy Squire concert
Cliff's boss at the butcher shop told him, “I know you're not happy with how things are, but that's how it's going to be. We lost $30,000 last year.” Cliff was working a lot of short weeks.
April 15, record low temp of 26
I thought propane was high at 72.9 cents a gallon
Jim flunked his driving test
Rachel spent a lot of time in 4H with her friend Kim
Jim passed his driver's test, May 31
My parents moved back to Oak Grove from Branson
I babysat two neighbor kids once we moved back here
This was the first year I worked at the orchard
Cliff started working at RB Rice  

I probably should explain my son's flunking his driver's test the first time he took it:  he'd been driving since he was a pup, and was very good at it.  He knew this, and simply got overconfident.  It isn't good to drive above the speed limit when you're taking your driving test.  
We spent two and a half years renting this place out and living south of Oak Grove; this was the year we moved back home.  The two neighbor kids I babysat are both Facebook friends now.  


Angela said...

I think it's fun to look back (most of the time). And that weather thing on the side with a temp of -8??? That's just crazy. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's a blessing to find memories like that tucked away. Valentines from my kids were always special. Most were handmade at school and brought home. I think they were as proud of them as I was...I still have a few of them tucked away somewhere... I hope your Thursday is a great one!

Amy said...

lovin' this! I should jot little things like that down! um. except my weight. We'll skip that one.

Ms Martyr said...

I once ran across an old natural gas receipt from my 1971 apartment. It was under $4.00. Now our monthly gas bill is over $200.

Michaele said...

Six miles a day!?

Lori said...

I enjoyed reading that. In 1983 I finished my junior year of high school and started my senior year.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

In 1983 I was in my senior year of high school and living in Spain on Torrejon Air Force base!