Wednesday, February 02, 2011

storm report

We weathered Snowmagedon, as they've labeled this storm.  It indeed lived up to its hype, at least in my neck of the woods.  I'll get out later and take some pictures of the drifts.  Some of them are huge, from what I can see outside in the dark with just the porch light shining.  I can only guess at the snowfall totals, thanks to the drifting; but we're thinking we got at least ten inches.  Locations to the east got even more.    
I-70 was closed across the state.  Cliff's place of employment never has snow days, but they had one yesterday and are having another one today.  Road crews couldn't work because visibility was zero, thanks to the blowing snow.  
I've actually enjoyed watching this storm outside my window and on television, although the fact that my sister-in-law's car is sitting in a ditch five miles from home is sort of a downer.  Cliff and the grandson, Arick, went to her rescue and got her home.  Cliff said he had never seen anything like it, with no way to see the road, and big drifts everywhere.  Rena works for one of those places that really doesn't care what happens to their employees; they expect them to show up.  They sent them home three or four hours early yesterday, but only because the highway in front of the place was being closed.      
My daughter spent last night at a motel near her work location; I'm glad, because even though her car gets around well in the snow, it's small, and would never have cleared the drifts; Cliff said Arick's big four-wheel-drive pickup barely plowed through some of them.
Looking at our ten-day forecast on, I see little hope for a real warmup in the immediate future.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this view from my sister's porch in Texas.  This was taken in February, the last time I visited her at her winter home.  The bad news is, upon checking the forecast down there, I see the temperature is supposed to get down to 28 tonight.  I wonder what that will do to her grapefruit tree?  It's supposed to warm up to the 70's there by this weekend.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We didn't get as much as you as I would estimate about 6 inches here but freezing rain and sleet have made the roads a mess here. Schools have been closed 2 days now but I think most other people are expected to show up for work. I'm glad you all are in where it is safe and warm.

Nita said...

Glad they had snow days for Cliff.They don't have them where my dh works either but he was able to take a vacation day.

We're at 2.5* right now and we got about 15". We're in SW Mo. about 25 miles from the Arkansas line. They had I-44 closed from Spfd to Joplin yesterday and not sure it's open yet. I've never heard of them closing 70 until last night! Lived here most of my life.

Just think, only 6 more weeks til spring! I'm putting some seed in the dirt this week anyway!

Margaret said...

I would have known the answer to my question if I'd read your blog first. That severe a storm is scary because people can get hurt/killed.I'm glad that your loved ones are OK.

Sonya said...

What a neatly manicured area to view from the back porch. Looks peaceful. Envying your sister with 70 degree temps. lol I have been thinking about you yesterday and last evening and wondering how you all were faring with the storm. Glad everyone is ok. This last one effected a lot of states! Your area was on the weather channel.

Debbie said...

I'm so glad all of you are safe. I watched this storm closely and thought of all of you in the path of it and hoped you didn't lose power for several days. Thankfully we escaped this storm but we were right on the edge and if the track had changed just slightly we'd be covered in ice again.

Lori said...

I'm glad you cold enjoy the snow from your warm and cozy home.