Friday, February 11, 2011


Isn't that fantastic?  I went out to take the cover off the hot tub so I could warm up, and noticed the setting sun spotlighting my naked cottonwood tree.
I was thirteen years old when Tammy and the Bachelor came out.  I had no way of going to see the movie, but the theme song played all the time on the radio.

Of course I identified with the song because when you're thirteen years old, you're always in love with somebody or other.  The words to that song are embedded in my heart.  

I hear the cottonwoods whisperin' above,
"Tammy ... Tammy ...
Tammy's in love"
The ole hooty-owl
hooty-hoos to the dove,
"Tammy ... Tammy ...
Tammy's in love".

Does my lover feel
What I feel
When he comes near?
My heart beats so joyfully,
You'd think that he could hear.

Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreamin' of
Tammy ... Tammy ... Tammy's in love.

Whippoorwill, whippoorwill, you and I know
Tammy ... Tammy ... can't let him go
The breeze from the bayou keeps murmuring low:
"Tammy ... Tammy ...
you love him so".

When the night is warm,
Safe and warm,
I long for his charms
I'd sing like a violin
If I were in his arms.

Wish I knew if he knew
What I'm dreaming of
Tammy ... Tammy ...
Tammy's in love

What I didn't know back then was that cottonwood trees really do whisper.  I didn't find that out until we bought this place; at that time there was an old cottonwood tree in our front yard.  In spring, summer, and fall, with our windows open and a breeze blowing, that tree whispered.  

It was a damaged tree, hollow in the center.  Cliff was happy to bring it down because of the sticky fluff it dropped at certain times of the year that put little spots on our vehicles.  Oh, and by the way:  Hooty-owls actually did hoot from the branches of that tree.  I miss them.    
I still like to stroll out there in the pasture on a breezy day and listen to my cottonwood whispering.


Margaret said...

That's a gorgeous photo!! I love it. I'm not familiar with the song though.

Midlife Mom said...

I loved the Tammy movies and still watch them when they come on occasionally. I don't know if I would say our trees whisper but I do like listening to them at night when the wind is blowing through them. When I first moved here 20 years ago it sounded spooky but now I love it.

Enjoyed you meme, do you mind if I do it sometime in one of my posts?

Flat Creek Farm said...

My song.. my song! :) My parents named me after the movies. Always loved Debbie Reynolds, and the song too actually. And now I'm wondering why I haven't watched allll the "T" movies. At least not yet. What is the matter with me anyway? I enjoyed the memories of your cottonwood tree too! -Tammy

Donna said...

Feel free to do the meme, MIdlife Mom. I got it from someone else, after all. Memes are to borrow.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I remember the song well. It was a favorite of mine. I never really had a up close cottonwood tree but know they were around due to the little white things floating in the air.

Ms Martyr said...

We don't have any cottonwoods on our property but there are plenty in the area. One year our back yard looked like there had been snow from all the cottonwood fluff.

Now I've got the Tammy theme running through my head.


I like the sound of trees whispering.