Friday, February 04, 2011

Here's a Barbara Walters Special I can't wait to see

All my readers know my husband had open heart surgery almost five years ago.  Tonight Barbara Walters will interview some famous people about their coronary artery bypass graft surgeries.  Among those famous people?  Bill Clinton and David Letterman.  I'm recording it so Cliff and I can watch it together tomorrow.


Sister--Three said...

Donna, I like Bill and David L. sounds like a good show to watch. We only watch old westerns so I read.

I love antiques road show and once in a blue moon I get to watch it.

the worse thing about the westerns is we have already seen most of them 20 times.

Now we are watching wagon train from is not bad. I have also saw these in the past...well, way past... back to 1950s.

Hollie said...

I bet you can't wait to see that!

Milly said...

Glad you reported about this. We'll be sure to tune-in also. I've finally given up on the "snow dances" so we can have a holiday from school. I'm trying to learn the "stay away snow" dance. Do you know it, by chance? M.

lindie said...

watched it. good show. modern day miracles.