Sunday, February 06, 2011

Counting down

It's only a little over twenty-four hours until Cliff will draw a name out of a hat to determine the lucky winner of a signed copy of Ree Drummond's book, "Black Heels to Tractor Wheels".  I'm in the process of reading my own copy.  I followed a lot of the story as she serialized it on her blog, but I'm enjoying reading those parts again; I believe I'm about to the point where I stopped, because it's beginning to be new and unfamiliar to me. 
Did you know Ree has signed a deal with Columbia Pictures for a possible movie version of the book
I didn't stop reading the story online because I lost interest, by the way.  Somehow my attention span isn't so great, reading on the computer, I think because there are so many things online to distract me... you know, like checking email or tending Farmville crops.  I do much better reading my Nook, or an actual book, away from the computer.    
I've made out the list for the drawing, ready to type out and cut into strips to fold and toss in a hat.  I hope there's no confusion about who is who.  For instance, I have one Vikki and one Vicki.  So I hope if I draw one of those, the winner will know which one is her.  One person left an anonymous comment, said they were in New Mexico, so I wrote the name like this:  "Anonymous in New Mexico".  
You can go to that entry and read all the comments and see where everybody said they would travel if they had a choice.  I received three entries by email instead of in the comments.  They're in the running with everybody else.  
It isn't too late to get your name in; midnight tonight is the cutoff time.  
I've decided to throw in a consolation prize.  Since I have three signed copies of Ree's cookbook, I'll give one of those away to the second name Cliff picks.  If it goes to someone who already has the cookbook, perhaps they will have a friend who would enjoy it as a gift.   
Now, everybody keeps saying how nice I am to have this drawing, but all it's going to cost me is the postage to send the books to the winners.  Ree donated the books; how else would I have gotten them autographed?  
I was asked on Facebook if I'd met Pioneer Woman; no, I have not, but I've read her blog for so long it feels as though I know her.  That's enough for me.  We're "cyber-neighbors", don't you know?  
While we're on the subject of books, Groupon has a deal that will get you ten dollars off a twenty-dollar purchase at Barnes and Noble; it can be used for a Nook Book, too.  I put in for my coupon this morning.  


Sue said...

I would love to go to Wyoming to visit my best friend but can we wait till spring? Please put my name in the hat. Thanks


Hollie said...

If I should win the cookbook, I'll definitely give the one I have as a gift to my MIL for her birthday in APril & keep the autographed one! I'll have to wait until I get in from work tomorrow night to see who wins. It's a shame I have to work on my birthday, isn't it?

Sweetnessk71 said...

Hello..if I could go anywhere had I the free tickets I would go to Las Vegas..this is where my hubby and I went on our honeymoon. That was in 1998 and we have not been on a vacation since lol. Last valentines day we lost our house and everything in it. We were all somewhere else at the time and it was a miracle because it hardly happens like that on sunday morning at six am. This has brought us closer and a trip back to good old vegas would be great ..oh and I have a cousin who lives there so I can visit..sorry for the long comment lol. I hope you can enter me in give away I have been a reader of her blog for a long time. take care