Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big bird

(Click on the picture to make it larger)

That's a dead deer along the roadside, just down the hill from where I live.  A young eagle is feasting on deer meat.  He's been hanging around that area for days.  My daughter and I were headed to Kansas City to the garden show when we passed this guy; I said, "Oh man, I didn't get a picture!"
Rachel got to a place where she could turn around and we went back for this shot.  
Honestly, this bird is so homely it's hard to believe he's an eagle.  But what other kind of local bird is that huge?  You can probably do some googling and find out at what age the Bald Eagle gets his white head.    
On the way home after the show, down on the other side of Levasy, a full-grown eagle soared over us, flying low.  I guess it's just a time for eagles to show up.  


Margaret said...

That's a huge bird! I think eagles are ugly, although majestic.

small farm girl said...

That IS a big bird! That did was big to begin with. Someone cut it's antlers off. I'm going to bet the bird is a young eagle. But what do I know? lol

patsy said...

the things we don't see. I didn't notice the antles was gone until I read small town girls comment. why would anyone brother the antles. I guess see what a deer I killed?