Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So many blogs, so little time

Miss Kris posed a question on her blog yesterday: "On the rare occasions I find some time to do any blog browsing out of the circle I regularly visit I am sometimes dazzled by the amount of blogs people will list in their sidebars as the ones they follow. Sometimes those lists scroll down forever. How on earth does anyone find the time to go read so many?!
How much time do we humans spend on these machines?!?"
As a person who links to scores of blogs on my sidebar, I feel very much qualified to answer Miss Kris. I gave her an answer in a comment, but I'm sure some of my readers have wondered about this too; so I'll say it here.
First of all, I do spend far too much time on this "machine". I consider it my hobby. I enjoy it.
Now, about all those blogs on my sidebar.
Many of them are there because they're longtime friends from AOL journals, and I feel I know them. We've been through a lot together.
Some are there because I find them fascinating, and I want my readers to have a chance to discover them. Lord only knows how many people are hooked on Pioneer Woman because of me. Does she need me pimping her blog? Nope, she has thousands of readers. I just want others to have a chance to discover her because she's funny and bright and real.
At this point, I have a confession to make: I do not read every entry on every blog you see on my sidebar. I check in on all of them from time to time, but I probably skip more entries than I read. I go to Google Reader every day, scan over new entries, read a few that strike my fancy, and then choose "mark all as read" and clear the slate.
I do not expect any of you to read every single word I type into the blogosphere, either. This isn't supposed to be a job; it's a fun pastime.
While I'm confessing, I must also tell you that some of my favorite blogs, ones that absolutely make me laugh out loud, are not listed on the right because sometimes they use words and expressions in entry titles that I don't want showing up on my page. A couple of nurses fit in this category. If you'd like to see what I'm talking about, check out Life According to Candice; that is, if you aren't faint of heart. Be sure and read her comment section, too. Just don't come back here griping at me for sending you to an R-rated site; you've been warned!
You see, it isn't that I'm ashamed to be reading that type of blog, it's just that I don't want risque stuff showing on mine!
So that's the scoop on all those blogs you see listed here.


Gayla said...

I'm with you, I love reading other blogs and many are old friends from J-Land. I can be bad about commenting but I love staying in touch with everyone. It's my hobby and I love it! Hopefully, if I can figure out how to return to school (I wrote about it today), it will one day be my living. I've learned so much since being on the Internet and I'm extremely grateful for it and the bloggers. They're days when I wish I had more time to read everybody that I want to.
And the Pioneer Woman? I love her!!! She is funny, intelligent, beautiful and her cook book is fantastic! I just got it from the library and now I'm going to buy it with my coupon..LOL

Happy Thanksgiving,

Tango said... really doesn't take that long to read the blogs on the blog roll since the newest posts go to the top of the list......unless you don't touch your computer for a week. :)

Rachel said...

Candice is TOO funny. I read her EVERY time she posts. But I think she's warped, so she feels like family.

MissKris said...

The reason I like you so much, Donna, is because you're so REAL. I'm glad I spotted gave me even more insight than the comment you left. I sure wish I had more bloggy-reading time than I do. At this point in taking care of the grandboys, sometimes I look back at those few carefree years I had between the time I finished parenting my two and began 'grandparenting' these two I find myself wondering if maybe I only imagined them! But, honestly...I know you think I do too much at times but I wouldn't change it, not for all the bloggy-visiting time in the world. This little blip on the radar screen will be over and gone before I know it.

Lori said...

I'm one of those people with scores of blogs on my sidebar too. I can't read them all on a regular basis. I try to read my favorites and ones who read and comment regularly on mine regularly, but the others I have been trying to get to at least once a week. In my google reader I have them all in different categories. Now that I'm keeping up with them again I can see that more than half aren't posting regularly or at all, which is probably why I've been able to keep up lately! lol

ADB said...

I have about 300 blogs on Google Reader, of which I keep an eye on about a dozen. The others I go through if they make a new entry. It is barely possible to keep up with all.

Happy Thanksgiving

Robbie said...

I'm guilty of the lonnnnnnnnnngggg list of blogs. But, like you, I read here and there, comment even less, and do as I please. I consider it a place to keep track so I can find them later. I have a ton of entries saved to read later even. I haven't finished your mom series so I'll take a day like today and catch up on some. And, like now, I'll pop in and say hi and give my two cents.