Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks to the veterans

Thanks to my friend Sugar for the tag.


Lindie said...

I was told by a vet yesterday that he was eating a free breakfast at HyVee today and a free lunch at Applebees. God bless this country and all her Vets.

Sugar said...

yes ty to all the veterans & soldiers everywhere. today everyone needs to thank a vet or a current soldier, shake a hand, or just say ty in passing someone in uniform.
if you know a vet, visit, or send over some cookies. ;) if you have a vet in your home, fix a nice dinner or take them out for dinner.
also, lots of places are serving free lunches troday for service people & vets. just call ahead & ask.
ps (yw for the tag, glad you found 1 you liked)

Astaryth said...

Perfect sentiment for the day!

Debbie said...

God Bless each and every one of them and their families.

MissKris said...

Amen. I had a great-uncle who fought on Omaha Beach on D-Day. My dad was stationed in England for the duration of the war. And we must never forget our VietNam vets, either, as well as all the other wars. My prayers go out daily for those in service now.