Monday, November 09, 2009

miscellaneous thoughts and explanations

In a comment on the previous entry, I read this: "I would imagine any farmer would love to have someone plow for them."

Not necessarily; farmers don't plow these days. That's how Cliff ended up with two huge plows last weekend for free... they were sitting on farmers' properties, unused for years. Farmers practice minimum tillage farming these days to prevent erosion.

So if someone allows Cliff to plow on their property, they'll simply be doing it as a favor. I'm not sure, it could even affect government grants they get. We do have a couple of acres that needs to be replanted, right behind the house. I don't know whether that's enough to break in the Oliver or not.

In the final episode of my mother's story, she mentioned being baptized at age thirteen. Since I was raised a Christian and grew up familiar with the various denominations and many of their differences, I don't stop to think about the fact that folks from other cultures don't know all the subtle (and no-so-subtle) differences in the denominations, of which there must be thousands.

Mike V., a Jew, left this comment: "I thought they baptize you as a baby but it looks like she was 13,probably a different custom in your church."

Mike is the first Jewish person I've known personally, so he'll forgive me, I'm sure, for forgetting the fact that not everybody in the world has a Christian background.

Catholics, Lutherans, United Church of Christ, Methodists (I think), and undoubtedly scores of churches baptize infants (and also older converts) by sprinkling water on their heads.

Baptists, the Christian Church, Assemblies of God, and the Church of Christ in which I was raised (and no doubt hundreds of others) believe a person comes to a knowledge of Jesus, is convicted of his sins, confesses those sins, and is then taken to a body of water (or a baptistry inside the church, these days) and fully immersed in the water, because that's how it was done in the New Testament. I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything here, please understand. I simply want to explain the different methods.

This got me thinking how the confusing the Christian realm must seem to outsiders. Why all the splits and denominations? I was raised not to call the Church of Christ a denomination, but to call it "the Church". All the others were considered denominations, but not us.


I comfortably go from one denomination to the other these days; I love, and am very comfortable worshipping with, the Baptists. My actual preference (and membership) is in the Assemblies of God (yes folks, the one Jimmy Swaggart was associated with). But I accept others, even some that many Christians call "cults".

This is as deep into a religious discussion as I've ever gotten on my blog, and I hope I haven't stepped on anybody's toes or hurt any feelings. That certainly wasn't my intention. Feel free to comment, but if things get too controversial or heated, I'll close comments. I've don't care to argue about religion. Personally, I'm pretty open-minded. "Live and let live" applies.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thanks for the explanation. I do learn something new every day of my life and I love it. It means I'm still learning and growing and changing and at my age that is a good thing!

m.v. said...

Thanks for the explanation,this makes a lot of sense. Personally all the photos of infants being dunked into a tub of water look scary to me,the photos of Jewish circumcision ceremony look horrifying as well.

Lindie said...

My mother grew up in a church in western Canada that was a combination of 3 churches. Methodist, Presbyterian and one other which I can't remember. So we always went to one or the other until we found one we really liked. these days I prefer a nondenominational type of church.

Debbie said...

I've never understood why anyone wants to argue about religion. It brings out the worst in people and to me that seems to serve no purpose other than to belittle someone for their personal beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I am with you and let live...I have my have yours...others have theres...and maybe from time to time we might agree...but for the most part we won't...but that doesn't make me, you, or anyone else wrong...just different LOLOL...but you are a treasure to spend time getting us educated!!!! and thanks...sorry Cliff...I can't help you with a lot to plow...LOL...good luck...hugs from Ora

Paula said...

I like the little historical church we attend but our new preacher/ minister puts down a different religion or TV preacher every Sunday. Since I'm not a member I don't have a right to say anything.