Friday, November 20, 2009

Mainly for my son (and any tractor aficionados)

There are two pieces missing from almost every Oliver 1855 you'll find: The battery cover and the hydraulics cover. Cliff's tractor lacked both pieces, and he spent hours on the phone calling tractor junk yards, searching for these objects.
The reason they've been "lost in the shuffle" is that they are a pain in the patoot to put back on, once they're removed. It wasn't necessary that they be on the tractor in order to use it, so most farmers tossed them in a corner and thought no more about it. They weren't worried about how pretty the tractor looked; they were busy making a living.
Cliff wants his Ollie to have every piece she started with, but no matter where he called, there were none to be had.

So he found a suitable piece of metal and made a battery cover himself; once the Oliver is finished, nobody will be able to tell it isn't original.

Here's a closer work; Cliff's very proud of his handiwork.

However, he was afraid to attempt the hydraulics cover, so he had my cousin do that. Is that guy talented, or what? He restores old cars as a hobby.


John aka Haywood said...

Hi Donna,
Great to see progress on Cliff's project. Fabrication and big projects can be a lot of fun.

Getting batteries out of a oliver 1650 are a real PITA.

have agreat day.
John aka Haywood

Tango said...

:) I think both guys are pretty talented.

Fernan said...

Hey, what Haywood said! Ditto.

We manage to make everything mechanically and otherwise factory correct with a couple/three exceptions. What minor changes we make for a couple guys handicapped operation. The other is they only get painted to hold rust at bay on repaired areas, and that's most generally the wrong shade green and far from a correct white. First and last important thing we do is trying to keep up with the leaks, I swear is next to impossible. Not so much for tidy looks as it gets expensive and messy adding fluids everytime a machine is expected to just plainly woik for its keep.

PS: When Cliff's finished making fix and prettying up his 1855, I'd be glad to field test iy for him, :) that is upon delivery. :) :)