Sunday, November 22, 2009

The sting of defeat

Our local football team, the Tigers, had a great season this year. Thanks to my daughter, I got to go to the playoff game here at home last week, where our kids soundly trounced the opposition. It was great, and made me wish I could attend every game they ever played.
Our school had only one more team to beat in order to go to state competition in St. Louis: The Hamilton Hornets (Hamilton, birthplace and home of JC Penny). I begged, pleaded, and cajoled until Cliff agreed to go to the game yesterday. Granddaughter Natalie went along with us.
We have a friend there who has worked at several different jobs with Cliff; his son John is on the football team. The guy Cliff rides to work with has been going to watch John play, and he warned us that Hamilton is unbeatable. I so wanted him to be wrong. Obviously, so did all my neighbors, because it looked as though the whole town had traveled the sixty miles to watch the game.
Hamilton had three touchdowns by the end of the first quarter; we hadn't scored at all.
It was like watching the Kansas City Chiefs play. Not that the Tigers were bad, just that the other team was so doggoned good! Our guys valiantly tried to make a comeback in the second quarter, and they did some scoring. Alas, so did the other team. The final score was 62 to 27.
So the Hamilton Hornets will go to St. Louis. Well, at least we know John (who is an amazing football player) personally, and that gives us an interest in the team. The games will be televised locally, and I'll be rooting for Hamilton.
Because of the way the game went down, I didn't take many pictures.


Here are our boys, facing the camera before the game started.


You gotta love high school cheerleaders. By the way, when did pom-poms get so small? They used to be HUGE.


Hamilton's marching band, which has won four competitions this year, is amazing. Seriously.


Heading home, we enjoyed seeing that tiny dot of sun disappear into the cloud bank in the west.
And now, it's time for some basketball!


Hyperblogal said...

Pom poms are the same size... the kids are bigger today.

madcobug said...

Sorry that your team lost. I was thinking pom poms used to have longer streamers. It has been years since I went to a ballgame of any kind. Great pictures. That sunset was beautiful. Helen

Anonymous said...

A little more information about J.C. Penney here:

The year was 1902 and a 27 year old man arrived by train in Kemmerer, Wyoming to start a new business. He couldn't afford the train fare twice, so he made a commitment in dollars before seeing the town. A scattered mining community, Kemmerer had about one thousand residents, a company store that operated on credit and 21 saloons where a good deal of spare cash was spent. Marcia/Wyoming

Midlife Mom said...

Yes, the pom-poms used to be huge compared to what they are now. I don't know when they changed to the small ones, I think I liked the bigger ones better but that's just my opinion.

I had lots of catching up to do on your posts. I sometimes get so behind on my blogging friends, actually I get behind on lots of things but that's another story!

Glad Cliff was able to get the parts made for his tractor! They look really good. I may have asked you this before but do you get Farm and Ranch magazine? They have lots of good tractor articles.

Yes, time does go by awfully fast! The older I get the faster it goes it seems. Summer vacations seemed like such a long time when I was a kid and now summer just flies by more like three weeks not three months!

Sorry your team lost. They did a good job though to get as far as they did, they should be commended.

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!