Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday meals get the best of me

Cliff and I have both gained weight over the past year. I still cook the healthy, low-fat stuff most of the time, and we like those dishes. I hardly ever make desserts when it's just us: Cliff has to have something sweet after meals, but usually he just has a bowl (1/2 cup) of ice cream.

The things that get us in trouble are eating out too much (probably only twice a week, but those buffets add up), and cooking for company occasionally.
When it's time for a holiday meal, or when family guests are here, it isn't their fault that I cook unhealthy stuff: I use them as an excuse to cook and eat all that stuff I never make otherwise.

Yesterday's Thanksgiving meal left us with a heap of leftovers, many of which I pawned off on the family members: Granddaughter Amber loves noodles, so I sent those home with her; I'm sure her mother will help her eat them. Of course, I saved out a little for Cliff because I hate to see a grown man cry. Amber also took some pumpkin pie.

Her brother took quite a bit of the Oreo Dessert home with him. My daughter ended up coming back and getting the mashed potatoes (again, I saved out one serving for Cliff) and the broccoli-and-rice casserole.

The apple pie remained. And although I should have, I didn't press anyone to take any. Why not? Because I love it so! Cliff does too, but then he likes all desserts. Nobody else makes apple pie to my satisfaction, so when I've baked one, I can't leave it alone.

Today I had to decide when I would have my daily piece of apple pie. You see, I can limit myself to one piece a day until it's gone. I decided to have it, ala mode, for breakfast. That takes care of a couple of the food groups, right? Fruit and dairy? Ya think?


One thing about it, the remains of the holiday turkey will not go to waste here: I'll freeze it in appropriate amounts to use in my healthy versions of gumbo and jambalaya . The turkey frame and bones are waiting right now for me to make turkey frame soup. Low-fat, low-calorie, and chock-full of vitamins.

Maybe the oldest grandson will drop by at some point and have a couple of pieces of apple pie, or the rest of the Oreo Delight. Somebody needs to save us from ourselves.


madcobug said...

One thing about cooking all that, you do have food leftover to use and freeze for a while. Helen

Lindie said...

I do the same thing, send lots of food home with others.

Vicki said...

Yay, I think I've got it. So glad your day went well. Vicki

Anonymous said...

I know I am the one who has to save me from myself, but doing it is another story. I've gained weight in the past year also, & I, like Cliff, have a craving for sweet that would be best avoided; I don't avoid it very much.

Glad you got to see so much of the family for the holiday. ~Mary

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't think a little splurge now and then hurts at all. After all you are cooking healthy the rest of the time. They say a great part of our population eats our every day. I hardly ever do and I'm still on plump side for sure...

Amy said...

Jesse just about cried last night when he found out I gave away the last pecan pie. He went on some rant about how he never gets to eat it and blah blah blah..... *shakes head*

Debbie said...

We seldom eat out and my hubby is the one with the sweet tooth but I'm the one who gains the weight. I suppose I should look at it differently but I feel we only live on this earth once and I want to be able to enjoy some of the foods I like while I'm here whether it's healthy or not.