Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The lost is found!

This is so strange! I have a folder on my desktop called "Pictures for blog". When I got home yesterday, I moved this picture from my camera card and placed it in that folder.
If I double-click on the folder to look at the pictures in it, this one doesn't show. However, when I decided to import some pictures from that folder to Iphoto, it showed up and I was able to move it.
I know, this is Greek to most of my readers. But just imagine my confusion: first it's not there, then it is. Evidently I need to put all my pictures in Iphoto first, without bypassing it. Whew. I'm glad I learned that before losing some pictures that are really valuable to me!
So now you get to see Cliff getting his flu shot.
Some of you wondered what the horses are looking at in my new header: Sunday morning Cliff's sister's husband and our son-in-law went to the pasture to do some target-shooting. The horses saw them moving around back there in the distance and stood riveted to the spot, not taking their eyes off them the whole time they were back there. I missed out on the best picture: they were all three standing in a row side by side, ears forward and alert; but by the time I got out there, the moment was lost and the picture on the header is all I got.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The mysterious ways of the computer are often beyond me. I love the header. Hope your Wednesday is a great one!

madcobug said...

Sometimes strange things happen on these computers. Brave cliff. Thanks for the explanation on what the horses are looking at. I was wondering if it might have been Sadie running back in those woods. It is a great picture header. Helen

Debbie said...

I'm glad you found your pictures. I need to do like you and explore my computer more but I'm a big chicken and afraid I'll mess something up.

I read this entry earlier but the word verification was so squiggly I didn't attempt to try it and this one is almost as bad, but here it goes....