Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Google Wave

There's this new thing going around called Google Wave. I have it, but have no idea what to do with it; since I'm not crazy about IM's, I'm thinking I don't need it; but I have it, just in case I find some use for it.
If any of you have read about it and would like to have it, I am allowed to invite three more people to sign up for
Google Wave.
Leave your email address in a comment, or send it to me in email (you'll find my email address on my profile). I'll have them send you an invite.


MissKris said...


I'm not social. I never have time for BBQ's. I don't IM. I am an internet dinosaur. I'm just tickled I know how to turn on my computer and post a blog entry. But I'm sure this will end up being another huge craze. There goes Twitter's and Facebook's 15 minutes of fame, haha!

Tango said...

I've got it up and running too. It will be a while before it's fully functional since it's still in the beta stage. We are the first guinea pigs :)