Monday, November 16, 2009

thoughts on Instant Messages

Having learned to navigate my Mac Mini well enough to find what I need to find, and do what I need to do (knock wood), I decided to open up my AIM and see what I could do with it... besides instant message people.
It was nice to see there are still a lot of my old friends on AIM, many of them staying signed on all day. I've been keeping myself "invisible", but today I opened up, just for the heck of it. I noticed that I could show what song I'm listening to on Itunes, and I chose that option. Fun stuff on a rainy day.
I then checked to see if Yahoo Messenger has a Mac edition; they do, and I downloaded it.
Unlike my experience with AIM, none of my Yahoo Messenger contacts seem to be online. There are plenty of names on it, and I recognize most of them. None have been online, though.
Now remember, I'm not fond of instant messaging. I do believe my buddies have gotten the message, because nobody intruded in my space.
Unless I stumble across some old memories to share, the blogging well is dry right now: I'm not doing anything earthshaking or exciting. Cliff's spending every minute of his spare time in the shop with the Oliver tractor. Today I did some much-needed housecleaning and played on the computer. I have plenty of stuff on the DVR to watch, but once I've had my daily dose of E.R. (circa 1993), the rest seem to bore me. Tonight is American Experience on PBS, and those of you who enjoyed my mom's memories should be watching it. They've been going through the Depression years, whicht fits right in with my mother's memories.
So there you have it; I've checked in. I'm just fine, enjoying lots of music on the computer and Ipod, and Pandora on my Grace radio.
If this turned out to be my last day on earth, I would not consider it wasted.


Hyperblogal said...

After my daughter got her Mac several years ago she was extolling the virtues of iChat with her friends. I said, "Oh heck, we had that back in the fifties."
"Really????!!!", she replied, "what did you call it."

"The phone", I replied.

MissKris said...

LOL @ Hyperblogal...SO true. Anyway, I was so in to chat and IM and all that early on. Then IM got so intrusive I completely got rid of it...I don't think I'd even remember how to get it active again. Donna, I truly am a hermit at heart, ha!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm like you and IM's are not my favorite things either. The most I ever used it was when DS#2 was stationed overseas and then he'd check in regularly. It was cheaper than a phone call at the time and I enjoyed that. Glad you and the mac are adapting. Your day sounds like a great one to me. My day as always is here at work. I have little to do so I'm enjoying reading blogs this morning.

Lori said...

In reference to you last sentence -- you can't ask for more than that.