Saturday, October 27, 2007

A tribute to Norm on my AOL journal

I did a tribute to an accidentally-found blogger friend, Norm, over at my AOL journal. Click HERE to read the entry.

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Midlife Mom said...

Hi Donna, I have been busy catching up on your posts since I got home from vacation a couple hours ago. Of course I have to check what's going on before I unpack it's the blogging thing to do, right?!

Quite a story about your friend Norm. Sad but I guess we all learned something from it all. Nice tribute!

No, no one is getting tired of you talking about Libby. I am enjoying her progress as you work with her. She is really coming along so well.

Loved all the horse pictures. If I sat down out in the pasture my guys would probably come step on me!

What a nice trip you had with the girls. We always like to stay where there is a good pool for the grand kids too. Some people should learn how to pick up their.....ahem.....private trash!!! Doesn't it make you sick. Where we ride down to the river we very often see that kind of trash laying around. Gag!

Got to go unpack. Thankfully we packed light so there's not much to do and no dirty laundry. I kept it done up each day so that I wouldn't have a bunch to do when I got home.