Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Planning a getaway

Four years ago, Cliff and I took advantage of an offer for a Branson vacation. We would receive tickets to shows, a $50 coupon for a meal, and $50 in cash. What a deal! All we had to do was take a two-hour tour of the condos at Fall Creek Resort.

We learned that we could buy a time share for something like $19,000, and then be allowed to stay there for a week, once a year. Perhaps I'm exaggerating, but it was some ridiculous amount. That much I do recall.

The two-hour tour turned in to five (shades of Gilligan's Island), and we were both sick of the spiel from the saleslady by the time we got out of there. I felt it was worth it for the payoff, but Cliff said he'd rather pay full price than do that ever again.

We've been planning for some time to take any available grandkids to Branson, October 19 and 20. We aren't loaded with dough, so I've been surfing the Internet looking for bargain places to stay where we can do our own cooking. The cheapest one was near Silver Dollar City, $100 a night for six of us, tax and all.

The two youngest granddaughters would love an indoor pool, but that would require a motel. Motels require some eating out. $$$$$.

Then I thought of Fall Creek Resort. I had seen, online, where a condo could be rented there by the night. They have an indoor pool and hot tub, and miniature golf; and Internet in the lobby and clubhouse.

The price was more, indeed. But considering the pool, and the fact that we can still provide our own meals, I believe it's worth $166 a night. We may not even leave the resort at all!

I read some reviews, many of which were horrible; they seem to have an ant problem. On the other hand, some folks loved it. We'll take the chance, if only for the swimming pool. I'm not too hard to please, since I like primitive camping. Click HERE for more very mixed reviews.

No matter if I like it or hate it, I'll have something to blog about afterward.


Rachel said...

Haven't they ever heard of Tarro? Wait, that may be spelled wrong. Besides, it may have been just a few ants, and you get that when you camp, so who cares?

Lindie said...

I've done the Fall creek Resort thing! Have fun! By the way, some of the sales men will listen when you tell them they should hurry cause the next customers might buy but you NEVER will!