Monday, October 15, 2007

Good times

I like the weekend I just had.

Saturday it rained all day, and except for cooking a carbohydrate-laden, old-fashioned meal, I did very little except (as I've said before) sit at the computer. But the rain was so welcome that I loved every minute of it. Our pasture is green and growing again, and there's water in the bottom of our tiny pond.

Yesterday, Sunday, I brought the filly, Libby, up to the barn. I worked on getting her to let me have her feet; she's doing much better with that. I saddled her and led each of my daughter's girls around the yard on her back. I introduced her to cars, close-up; and I clapped my hands often, because she jumped a bit the other day when a granddaughter clapped her hands while on her back.

The daughter helped me make a video of the two calves running for their dinner.

I went for a long ride through the countryside on Blue.

Yep, I like the weekend I just had.

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Midlife Mom said...

That sounds like a perfect weekend to me! I haven't been able to ride since my fall as I still have a big hematoma sp? on my calf which would hit right on the fender of my saddle. RATS! I know what you mean about hitting the 'next' button on blogs, I did that once too and got into some stuff that was not to my liking! So I like you only go to ones off other peoples sites that are safe. Loved your outhouse post! Brought back memories of our old three holer! Two big holes and one small one and of course the old Sears catalog. I was always afraid a spider would come up and bite me on the be-hind! ha! Also had one at camp that I just wouldn't go into. Too many spider webs and big lake spiders around! Give me the bushes any day!!!

BarnGoddess said...

Perfect weekend! I agree.

I still have a lot of green pasture grass too, I am fortunate.

You are wise to expose Libby to all of the noises,objects, ect. Thee more she is around things like that, the quicker she learns to trust you in all new and old situations.

Your little bovines are cute!

Rachel said...

I was proud of Libby when she didn't even flinch when I started the car. Good girl, Libby!