Thursday, October 11, 2007

Nope, banks don't make mistakes

As Cliff and I were taking our walk this morning, I realized what happened with my checking account: Grandson gave me cash to replace what I had transferred out of his savings. Due to his needing a new tailpipe and muffler on his truck, I told him I'd just put it in my checking account and leave it, and when he got the work done on his truck I'd write him a check; which I did, and entered it in my checkbook.

I failed to write that deposit of his cash down, though.

I guess you could call it a small miracle. Because it's money I didn't realize I had.

Thanks, God! I'll take my miracles where I can find them.

And as for the grandson's phone: He bought a new cell phone to replace the one that he lost that was run over. He got the most expensive one T-Mobile has: It's also an MP3 player. The fact that he's had bad credit in the past doesn't help, with T-Mobile bills. For him to live here, one of our requirements is that he pay his bills on time, and hopefully clean up his credit problems. So far, so good.

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