Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pick up your trash

We spent this weekend in Branson, at a condo in a golf resort. Today on our way home, we decided to eat off the dollar menu at McDonald's. Since we were drinking our own pop, we hunted up a city park where we could have our lunch. It's a lovely park, and we enjoyed our respite from the road.
It was rather windy, though, and the Mcdonald's sack blew away. We were finishing up our meal when Cliff told Monica, who's almost twelve, "Go pick up that trash."

Monica responded, "You mean that green paper?"

Cliff is hard of hearing, or maybe he wasn't paying attention. And he said "Yes."

That sack is what Cliff had in mind.

Here's what Monica picked up. Although, when she saw our reaction, she dropped it really fast.

Poor kid. She confessed that she wasn't really sure what all the fuss was about, but knew it must be something bad.

"Do you know what a condom is?" I asked.

"Ewwwwww, yes!"

And she borrowed her older cousin's hand sanitizer, really fast.

Oh boy, I'll bet this post will bring some wacky googles my way. ACK!


vicky said...

Hi Donna,
I,m Vicky, As you stated in a previous entry, I found you in Pioneer Woman,s blog. She is great, I agree. I have read several of your entries here...very interesting. It's like having a chat with you at my kitchen table. I'll put you in my favorites. I don't live in the country, nor do I have the interesting life you have with your animals. But, my husband and I recently moved to this city where all 3 of our children and our almost 4 grandchildren live. I'm getting to babysit my 4 month old grandson while his mother teaches. I guess that's almost like training a horse. haha. I love the picture of the old couple approaching the porch. I look forward to reading more. Thanks, Vicky

Heidi the Hick said...

Good morning! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Lots more horse pictures coming up, since you're interested...

Way to go with ponying your filly! I trained out little mare that way, when my 1/2 Arab gelding was still alive. He'd been a crazy youngster but was pretty solid by the time she came along. Some people don't think it's a safe way to train, but I believe as long as you've got a reliable horse, and you've got safe tack and good footing, it works well. The young horse learns the cues and commands, she gets used to a human being way up there, and becomes a little more desensitized to straps and ropes and things that flap.

I couldnt' read the article, so I might be repeating it, but I also recommend reaching over and rubbing her ears when both horses are stopped. When I started saddling the filly, I'd snap the stirrup leathers and flap them around, tap the saddle seat. Again you want to be sure you're in a safe place to do this. It works though. The first time I got on her back, she barely blinked.

Good luck!!!

oh- Blue is absolutely magnificent!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I found you from PW too, and love your horse posts. I've got 19.


Remudamom said...

I forgot to leave you an invitation to visit!

Brandi said...

Too funny!!!! That was hilarious!


Celeste said...