Friday, October 12, 2007

Pioneer Woman

I discovered The Pioneer Woman some time back, and was immediately hooked. I spread the word to family and friends. Ree's funny, she's a good writer, and she takes wonderful pictures of horses and cattle and cowboys in Wranglers, which are just a few of my favorite things.

I seldom comment on journals that, like hers, get over 200 comments a day; I figure my little submission will be lost in the shuffle, and won't be read by either the journal author OR the readers.

But sometimes I simply have to put in my two cents worth.

So I noticed (thanks to my handy-dandy sitemeter) that when I comment over there at Ree's place, people come from her blog to mine. They usually don't stay long, by the way. Let's face it, after reading PW's stuff, my ramblings are pretty lame.

Anyhow: Hello to all you fans of The Pioneer Woman out there who clicked on my profile and came to visit. Isn't she great?

What would we ever do without her?

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Anonymous said...

I'm probably ones of those that came to your blog from Ree's.

Yes, Ree is great but so are you. I really enjoy your blog and read you daily. I feel you are more "down to earth" and go through the same things as the rest of us - like having to budget for your trip.

Keep up the good work!!


Danelle said...

I am also "one of those". I've saved your blog in my blog favorites listing. I want to take the time to read more. I'm from Kansas, feel like you're down to earth like me.

Astaryth said...

Ree rocks! But I think you rock too!!! I actually found Ree thru you, not the other way around ;p

Remudamom said...

I came here through PW. I like your horse posts.


Ann said...

Glad to meet another PW fan. She is a hoot. I don't comment there either and I can never come up with a name for any of her picture contest but it sure is fun to read the entries.