Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I've seen others do this for Thursday Thirteen and decided it was a good idea:


1. rules for fruit basket game
2. Neopets: What happened on September 11, 2007?
3. Richard Nixon’s piano
4. Just Me (this seems to be the commonest google to my blog)
5. motorcycling after heart surgery
6. Older daddy
7. to everything there is a season
8. framing+old+hankies
9. Family Reunion in Misouri
10. motorcycle trips
11. what to know when getting a horse ready to ride 12. when my morning comes
13. Barefoot all day

All this information comes from my Sitemeter.

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Midlife Mom said...

Hey Donna! Thanks for stopping by even though I haven't been around much lately. I do always try to read your posts though even though I might not have time to leave a comment.

My little rescue pony wouldn't let anyone pick up his back feet when we first got him so my farrier told me to just rub his legs often and go down a bit further each time till I finally got to his hoof and then pick it up and put it right back down and keep doing that and over time he got to trust me and now anyone can pick up his feet. That worked good for me. I think it was a trust issue with him as the former owmers were really rough on him and tied his legs up to do anything to his feet and did something to his ears as you can't get near them with clippers even after all this time that we have had him. You can rub them now and he seems to enjoy that till he thinks about it and then he pulls his head away. The biggest thing is putting the bridle over his ears, it's awful, he just melts down and freaks out so I have a handfull of grain in one hand and distract him that way and it works pretty well. He sure came with a lot of baggage but we love him anyway and have the time and patience to work with him. We bought him to get him out of a horrible situation. It's amazing though once he is harnessed up he drives beautifully and is calm as can be.

I never knew how to use a sitemeter. I thought I had set it up but the 'report' would come and it would be totally blank of any information every time. I must take a look at the directions again cause I know I have people that aren't leaving comments but are stopping by regularly.