Sunday, October 07, 2007

So, we were headed to Kansas...

And Cliff says, "Look at that car ahead of us! That's a '55 T-bird!" So I took a picture.

Then Cliff said, "I'm going to pull up beside him so you can take a better picture.

Does this guy look the part, or what? We loved it!

Life is good.

(Click to make the picture bigger.)

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Midlife Mom said...

Love the car and he does sure look the part!!

Your kittens are adorable! We don't have any barn cats just two now in the house. We lost one on Saturday at age 18. He had a good life but I miss him and it will take a while to get over this but it was time.

Great buy on the paperbacks! I love to read and usually have something I am working on. Just finished one so have to check the bookcase to see what I haven't read yet.