Friday, October 26, 2007

Are you tired of hearing about Libby yet?

I like to go out to the pasture, lie down, and watch for photo opportunities with my horses. You never know when they might pose real pretty, or cut up a little bit. Once I'm out there for awhile, they ignore me and act natural. That is, all except one.

Libby always seems concerned when she sees me sitting or lying on the ground, and comes right over to check.

It's really hard to take her picture when she's six inches from my face. (Look at those eyes.)

She nibbles at the grass right up next to me, and hangs around.

"Are you OK?" She seems to be saying. "Why aren't you petting me?"

She checks out every inch of my body; she's sure something must be wrong.

Finally she grazes her way away from me. But not too far away.


FaSTeR's said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for your comment, I love to meet people from other countries!

Nice to read you,

Saludos desde México

BarnGoddess said...

no way am I tired of hearing about Libby!

You are doing a marvelous job with her!!! she is turning out fantastic.

Libby is learning fast, and the right way. You are doing good by her. She is going to be as good a riding horse as Blue.

Ann said...

I love hearing about Libby! I'm in the city and dream of living in the country. You take very good photos of the horses. I look forward to seeing what you've been doing.