Friday, May 24, 2024

Not much to say today

I’m still finding strawberries every day; we never get tired of them.  Other than that, I have been reading some very interesting books lately.  The Many Loves of Mama Love is a true story that I would have never thought could end happily, but it does.

I’m just finishing The Evolution of Annabel Craig and what she learned about the Scopes trial; it has certainly held my interest.  If you click on these links,  you can find out what they’re about.

And now I’ll read “Listen to the Lie”, which has great reviews.  It’s a who-done-it from a new author to me. 

I know this is a boring post, but it’s what I’m doing, and I’m tired of sharing pictures of my garden.  Cliff has gone out to meet up with some old friends, So Gabe and I have the house to ourselves.  Here’s something to think about:



  1. Reading and hanging out with my cat are mostly what I've been doing. It's not much to craft a blog post from. The books sound interesting!

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I really can't make much of a post from days of drywalling either.😕


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