Thursday, February 16, 2023

Life is what you make it. I try to make it funny.

Before Cliff retired, I was always thinking that if we bought a camper, we'd be able to see the country.  One time we went to Tennessee towing a popup camper behind us and saw the Smoky Mountains.  That's as far as we've ever gone, I think.  The trouble is, Cliff never liked driving long distances and he doesn't like living in a camper.  He's always been pretty much of a home body.  There was a time we went to a lot of tractor shows, so I at least got to camp.  Some of the shows aren't near motels, so they have basic camping facilities.

Once my husband retired, I figured he'd surely want to travel a bit.  I'm not saying he refused to travel, but I felt guilty knowing he was doing it for me.  I always knew he would rather be home.  We've been to Colorado several times, Minnesota at least twice, and even through Wyoming once and into Canada (pretty much wasted effort on our part).  We took a train to the Grand Canyon for our fiftieth anniversary, and that was a fun way to travel.  However, we are living only on Social Security, which doesn't give us a lot of travel money.

It's the same with bus travel.  Now that Cliff is older, he really has no urge to go anywhere, especially if it's going to cost all of our savings.  One time we had decided to go on a bus trip to Maine with a group; wouldn't you know that's when Cliff found out he had prostate cancer?  So we cancelled it to stay home for his radiation treatments.  

Both of us have aching bodies, and because of my knees, I can't do a lot of walking or standing.  I have to think it over before even going to a museum, wondering if they have seats where I can sit down if I have to.  But I still have ideas about a bus trip.

Most bus trips I've wanted would cost the two of us $5,000 or more.  We have that much and more, but it's our rainy day fund; one hates to be without anything for emergencies.

Cliff and I talk more about our deaths than you would believe.  Our grandchildren hate us saying anything that starts with "When I die...", but it bothers us not at all.  Cliff is positive I'll live longer than he does.  I'm not so sure; I've seen very healthy, much younger people who exercised and ate the right foods, die in their 30's, 40's, and 50's.  You never know.  He just says, "All right, you just wait and see."

So I've found a way to counter all that baloney.  I start telling him what I'm going to do when he's gone.  I'll sell his tractors first thing and go on the darnedest bus trip you ever saw!  Then I'll hire somebody to build a decent chicken house and have chickens again.  Oh, and I'll buy a couple of goats for pets (he hates goats) and maybe milk one of them, and`I'll buy myself a golf cart so I can ride to the woods without my knees hurting.  

In fact, maybe I'll find an apartment for the elderly in Kansas City, forget the animals (except for a dog and cat) and ride busses to all the good places!

Oh, by the way.  yesterday when we were watching the Chiefs' parade, I took a selfie of myself in front of the television trying to get a picture of me with the Chiefs.  It wasn't too convincing.

I love Travis Kelce's smile

Later, I remembered my photographer friend from Kansas City and mentioned that I should have asked him to put me in a picture; he's a master of photoshop and can get it done in a matter of seconds, it seems.  He took the hint, and here I am standing right by Patrick Mahomes, looking over his shoulder.

Isn't life fun?


  1. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Yes, most of the time, it is! Remember, I am Margie NOT Anonymous!

    1. I have several folks are anonymous.

  2. Anonymous9:18 AM

    I do agree, Life is what you make it and you've got to have some fun to give you good things to look back on! We were meant to enjoy life not just exist. Hope you continue to have fun every day! Love, ma

  3. I love travel and there are a few more places that I'd like to get to but right now my priorities are to spend as much time with my family as possible. Especially my mom.

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Cute 📸

  5. I want to travel, too! We have the RV, but usually just go to see family. Not long trips, we have to stay close to medical facilities! I thought retirement would be more fun!

  6. I have lived selling the tractors. I kept a few. It’s not fun. Laughter is the best medicine they say. You look very young and spry to me.


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